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Single Review: Matt Cardle – When We Collide

So series 7 of the UK X Factor is officially over. And by that it means, we finally have a new winner – a new winner we would like not to suffer the fate of Steve Brooks, Shayne Ward (almost), Leon Jackson and the recent Joe McElderry whose new single btw peaked at #68 in the UK charts this week. Anyway, that also means we will not see Cheryl and we’ll be Danii-less until next year. The good thing is One Direction didn’t win and the ‘person who came out of her shell’ Rebecca came 2nd which isn’t really a bad thing since she’d be off to a proper mega career soon. Then there’s Matt Cardle, the once sleeveless Painter-Decorator from Essex who seems to have loads of likable things about him. Although we didn’t expect this, his untimely cover of Biffy Clyro’s ‘Many of Horror’ is a very clever and risque thing to do and we applaud him for that.

It seems that Matt is one of the favourite acts to win since the series started and week by week he gave us stunning big performances in which he utilised his huge vocals to his advantage. So the winner’s single, a cover of an ‘underrated’ track which we seldom get from ‘The X Factor’ with an intended name change just to suit the music buying public’s preference is a brilliant one. Although personally, I prefer the original he did a solid, well-arranged version that will probably zoom into the charts without a doubt. And for the record, it’s a big relief that we won’t have to worry about this winner’s capability of superstardom or eligibility for the Christmas #1. It’s already given.

RELEASED: December 12, 2010 (UK)

LABEL: Syco Music


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MUSIC VIDEO: Aggro Santos & Kimberley Walsh – Like U Like

Britain’s version of Pitbull, Aggro Santos struts his new video and goes Speed dating with Girls Aloud babe Kimberly Walsh in his new single, ‘Like U Like’. The single which is out January 2011 isn’t that hard to like except you could just imagine Kimberly just singing the track solo and it would absolutely rock. I wasn’t too impressed with the song’s production but the addition of Kimberly makes it more appreciable than it is supposed to be. Let it have a few spins and you’re defo hooked to it in no time.

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VIDEO: Ke$ha performs ‘We R Who We R’ on X Factor Australia

Multi-platinum selling- always looking drunk Ke$ha performs ‘We R Who We R’ live for the first time on television on Monday’s X Factor Australia. The track is the first single off ‘Cannibal’, an extended play combined with her debut album, ‘Animal’ which will be released in a repackaged edition in most countries next week. The EP + Album titled ‘Cannibal + Animal’ is due for a  November 19 release in Australia and a November 22 release in the US.


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Cover-Rage: Adele – 21 (Album Art + Single & Album Details)

British Grammy Award winning singer Adele has revealed the details for her new single and album!

Adele is set to return early 2011 with the release of her eagerly anticipated new single and album.

“Rolling In The Deep” will be the first single, released on Sunday January 16th (UK). Written and produced by Adele and award winning British producer Paul Epworth, it’s a “dark bluesy gospel disco tune” according to Adele herself.

Adele’s new album “21” is set to be released on Monday January 24th (UK) & Tuesday February 22nd (USA/CAN) About its release she says “I’m very excited, nervous, eager, anxious but chuffed to announce my new album! It’s taken a while and it knocked me for six when writing it. It’s different from “19”, it’s about the same things but in a different light. I deal with things differently now. I’m more patient, more honest, more forgiving and more aware of my own flaws, habits and principles. Something that comes with age I think. So fittingly this record is called “21”. The whole reason I called my first album “19” was about cataloging what happened to me then and who I was then, like a photo album you see the progression and changes in a person throughout the years”.

Most of the album was made in Malibu with the legendary Rick Rubin (Johnny Cash, Jay Z, Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and back in Kensal Rise in London with Paul Epworth (Plan B, Bloc Party, Florence). Adele cites Wanda Jackson, Yvonne Fair, Andrew Bird, Mary J Blige, Mos Def, Elbow, Tom Waits and Kanye West amongst others as key influences on “21”.

and we certainly can’t wait for it! Bring it on! :)

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VIDEO: Taio & Kylie perform ‘Higher’ for the first time LIVE!

British R&B Star Taio Cruz teams up with Australian Pop  Goddess Kylie Minogue for their first ever live performance of Taio’s new single, ‘Higher’. The two performed in France’s ‘Starfloor’ event where they alongside Kat De Luna, Inna, Bob Sinclair, Kelly Rowland rocked the stage with their own hits last October 30th.



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Music Video: Nicole Scherzinger – Poison

One word. Fierce. Miss Scherzy may just have a hit in her hands right now. Let’s just say, teaming up with RedOne is the best thing Nicole could’ve done to save her solo career. ‘Poison’ is the new single from the lead singer of the defunct yet to be renewed The Pussycat Dolls. It’s proving to be Nicole’s first ever hit if God permits.

If Christopher Nolan needs a new Catwoman, I think if he watched this video – he might just found one.

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DAILY BEAT: Taio Cruz feat. Kylie Minogue – Higher

Brace yourselves for something extraordinary loves. UK R&B sensation Taio Cruz has teamed up with Australian music goddess Kylie Minogue on a follow-up to his monster hit cart after Dynamite and Break Your Heart. The track ‘Higher’ is dubbed as the new single from his platinum selling album, ‘Rokstarr’ although rumours has been spreading last week that it’s ‘Falling In Love’. It’s amazing that they almost had the same exposure althroughout the track and everything just blends in perfectly. Are we looking at another monster hit smash? ABSOBLOODYLUTELY.

The single will be released to the Australian radio circulation next week.

Listen to the AMAZINGNESS of the track HERE:

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Cover-Rage: Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 3 (Official Album Cover + Tracklisting)

AH-MA-ZZZZIIIINNG. *still captures breath*. Swedish popstar Robyn releases the artwork of the final installment of her 3 part Body Talk series. The album which will include 5 tracks from Part 1 and Part 2 with 5 new tracks that will serve as the turbo version of the Body Talk LP. The final installment will be released in the US on November 22nd, November 26th in Australia the 29th of November in the UK.

Here is the official tracklisting of the new album (bold titles denote the new songs):

1. Fembot
2. Don´t fucking tell me what to do
3. Dancing on my own
4. Indestructible
5. Time Machine
6. Love kills
7. Hang with me
8. Call your girlfriend
9. None of dem
10. We dance to the beat
11. U should know better
12. Dance hall queen
13. Get myself together
14. In my eyes
15. Stars 4-ever

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DOWNLOAD THIS: Ke$ha offers ‘We R Who We R’ for free

Kesha Sebert is now offering her new single ‘We R Who We R’ up for grabs on her official website with an exchange for your email signing up on her mailing list. ‘We R Who We R’ is the first single off Ke$ha’s new EP ‘Cannibal’ to be released 22nd November in the US. I still don’t know why she’s doing this but at least you’ve got some freebie out there so grab it like a Cannibal, I must say.



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Single Review: Ke$ha – We R Who We R

Guess who’s the bitch that’s back? You’ve got it right, it’s the severely autotuned, party animal Ke$ha Sebert (with a ‘$’) with her brand new single that doesn’t give us anything but ‘Tik Tok’-ish era once again. Well, what do you expect to come out from her? At least she’s releasing some good stuff right? The new single, ‘We R Who We R’ is just one of the gazillion tracks that leaked following the release of her smashing drunky album ‘Animal’ earlier this year.

The truth is, ‘We R Who We R’ isn’t such a bad track. Clearly, its influences may come from a bit of Katy Perry’s, and the hook reminds us of Wynter Gordon’s dysfunctional single, ‘Dirty Talk’ – which hardly gained any popularity since its release. Its calibre isn’t something you’d jump out of your seat but its pop-friendly attitude makes it easily likable in myriad ways. I’m not saying Ke$ha’s a good artist whom we all need in our pop music lives but admit it, it’s good to have a guilty pleasure sometimes eh?

‘We R Who We R’ is the first single off Sebert’s new EP, ‘Cannibal’ to be released November 22nd.

RELEASED: 25th October 2010



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