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TBR’s Best Singles of 2010: Part One

Okay folks, this is THE BEAT REVIEW’s Top 30 of 2010 List. I can’t make the effort to select up to 100 because you all know how hard that is to carry out and I’m so preoccupied with a lot of stuff.

Since I sporadically posted monthly playlists throughout the year, might as well give you the last rundown of the 30 best songs that defined this year. 2010 has been an amazing year for most genres of music. We saw comebacks that flop so hard, amazing new artists that has shown tremendous potential and the comebacks that proved they are really worth of the music limelight.

My last treat for y’all is the ability to download all 30 songs towards the end of the three-part series. The first part will be published today (#30 – 21), the second part on the 29th (#20 – 11) and the third part on the 30th (#10-1). So be sure to check out the blog on the next 3 days to see who’s in or who’s out in our 2010 Year-End list.


The American rock quartet has proven their eccentricity to be something very useful to their advantage. ‘Giving Up The Gun’ – Contra‘s most pop sounding tune is a brilliant one. And it represented their album’s premise perfectly.

MINI VIVA – One Touch

Mini Viva, one of British pop music’s biggest frustration this year may have split up but their last single as a duo, ‘One Touch’ proved to be their best. Every bit of pop music sweetness sums up this track and we’re still in mourning over the loss of one of the best pop duos that never came.

PLAN B – Prayin’

Plan B’s combination of hip-hop and soul never didn’t jive in together especially with the Mark Ronson’ sounding production – ‘Prayin’ is one heck of an anthem.


ROSANNA – Waterfall

Popjustice Hi-Fi first ever release is absolutely a treat to the senses. A piece of melancholic classic Swedish pop tune – it cruises its way to your playlists in just a glance. Like a Waterfall, Rosanna should be flowing through the mainstream with ease with this kind of pop genius.


SKY FERREIRA – Obsession

Sky is the exact epitome of a natural-born popstar. She’s got the looks, the voice and everything unconventional you can imagine. Maybe if the tweens listened a lot more to this lass, the world might be a better place to live in.


DRAKE feat. ALICIA KEYS – Fireworks

Drake’s own style of producing hip hop music might be meh for others but the truth is, he has an amazing singing voice and a one heck of rapping skills. Combined with Miss Alicia’s soulful vocals, ‘Fireworks’ sets its pace uphill as it reaches the skies with its magnificence.


The 50′s dancehall influenced track is a nice introduction on how things work for Miss Eliza Doolittle. The British songstress cleverly instills classic decades music into her cotton candy flourished music pieces. It might not be an original concept but the fact that she pulls up a fight in the pop charts is a nice way to say that at most points, ‘it works’.


The only Asian group so far to top international charts has proven their abilities in their début effort, ‘Free Wired’. The catchiness of ‘Like A G6′ is clear way to say that hip-hop music isn’t for black and white people only. It absolutely knows no race at this point.


Damon Albarn and his animated friends came back with a bang this year. One of Gorillaz’ catchiest tracks ever, the basslines are superb with Mos Def’s perfectly fitted verses towards the endings of the track – it surely does deserve a spot on our list.


We can’t deny that Ke$ha always comes up with infectiously addictive tunes that always put out a good fight in the pop charts but the truth is, I always associated the word ‘AUTOTUNE’ with the word, ‘KE$HA’. It just won’t turn out good if the two weren’t together.



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MUSIC VIDEO: Ke$ha – We R Who We R

As much as I think this is way overdue. I still totally dig this track. The video as usual is still the typical Ke$ha. Still doing what she knows and does best – PARTYING. Hopefully, we’ll see Ke$ha stripped down into something more serious next time. *cough* *cough* ‘The Harold Song’ – would be totally nice. I must say.


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VIDEO: Ke$ha performs ‘We R Who We R’ on X Factor Australia

Multi-platinum selling- always looking drunk Ke$ha performs ‘We R Who We R’ live for the first time on television on Monday’s X Factor Australia. The track is the first single off ‘Cannibal’, an extended play combined with her debut album, ‘Animal’ which will be released in a repackaged edition in most countries next week. The EP + Album titled ‘Cannibal + Animal’ is due for a  November 19 release in Australia and a November 22 release in the US.


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DAILY BEAT: Ke$ha – Cannibal

I ended the ‘Animal’ era on a negative note when I told myself Ke$ha’s just a party animal who decided to get drunk and make such catchy, record-breaking music. Unfortunately, with the string array of singles she has released – I’m forced to eat those words. From the quirky ‘Tik Tok’ rip-off ‘We R Who We R’, to the  sounds of  ‘Sleazy’ I’m convinced her new EP, ‘Cannibal’ might sound actually a lot better than what I am expecting.

This new track, released to the Australian iTunes (it’s like they’re always getting the new Ke$ha singles) ‘Cannibal’ is ferociously brilliant. With explicitly clever lyrics, ‘Use your finger to stir my tea, And for dessert I’ll suck your teeth, Be too sweet, and you’ll be a goner. Yep, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer’. and an interesting party beat – you’ll love this the more you spin it. Well, it’s one thing Ke$ha’s music have been proved of.

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DOWNLOAD THIS: Ke$ha offers ‘We R Who We R’ for free

Kesha Sebert is now offering her new single ‘We R Who We R’ up for grabs on her official website with an exchange for your email signing up on her mailing list. ‘We R Who We R’ is the first single off Ke$ha’s new EP ‘Cannibal’ to be released 22nd November in the US. I still don’t know why she’s doing this but at least you’ve got some freebie out there so grab it like a Cannibal, I must say.



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Single Review: Ke$ha – We R Who We R

Guess who’s the bitch that’s back? You’ve got it right, it’s the severely autotuned, party animal Ke$ha Sebert (with a ‘$’) with her brand new single that doesn’t give us anything but ‘Tik Tok’-ish era once again. Well, what do you expect to come out from her? At least she’s releasing some good stuff right? The new single, ‘We R Who We R’ is just one of the gazillion tracks that leaked following the release of her smashing drunky album ‘Animal’ earlier this year.

The truth is, ‘We R Who We R’ isn’t such a bad track. Clearly, its influences may come from a bit of Katy Perry’s, and the hook reminds us of Wynter Gordon’s dysfunctional single, ‘Dirty Talk’ – which hardly gained any popularity since its release. Its calibre isn’t something you’d jump out of your seat but its pop-friendly attitude makes it easily likable in myriad ways. I’m not saying Ke$ha’s a good artist whom we all need in our pop music lives but admit it, it’s good to have a guilty pleasure sometimes eh?

‘We R Who We R’ is the first single off Sebert’s new EP, ‘Cannibal’ to be released November 22nd.

RELEASED: 25th October 2010



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DAILY BEAT: Kelly Rowland – Rose Colored Glasses

I know a lot of you are quite excited about Ms. Kelly Rowland’s comeback right? After giving us the electrifying dance number ‘Commander’, Miss Kelly decides to release a new track to be released on the US top 40 radio. The track’s titled ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ and is a production from Dr. Luke who has produced recent top tracks such as Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’ and the Summer 2010 mega hit ‘California Gurls’ by Katy Perry.

‘Rose Colored Glasses’ doesn’t go anywhere near the blood pumping beats of ‘Commander’ as Kelendria slows down and takes a break from Dance music and brings us an R&B midtempo track that almost seemed like a ballad in sort of ways. It’s a misty eyed, semi-slow number about being in a broken relationship that’s covered with a handful of lies and pretentions. ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ brings Kelly’s great R&B vocals to a nice exposure and is a possible hit in the making if given the write potential. It’s sort of something you’d have to have on your ipods this summer. I assure you of that.

RELEASED: June 29th, 2010 (US Top 40 Radio)

LABEL: Universal Motown

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UK Charts: Z’OMG’! Usher grabs #1 from Scouting!

American R&B star Usher grabs the UK #1 spot from English alternative band, Scouting For Girls after the latter enjoyed 2 weeks at the top. Usher’s latest single featuring Will.i.am ‘OMG’ was #2 in Wednesday midweeks but then Usher leaped the former #1, ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’ by Scouting For Girls and eventually continued to reign until Sunday.

‘OMG’ is Usher’s fourth UK #1 and is off from his new album, ‘Raymond vs. Raymond’ which was released last March.

The highest debut this week belongs to English rapper Professor Green as his sixth UK single and is the first one to place in the singles charts. The single, ‘I Need You Tonight’ landed at #3 and pushed another rapper Plan B to #4 with ‘She Said’.

Comebacking R&B/pop singer Kelis debuts at #5 with her new single, ‘Acapella’ – the first single off her new album, Fleshtone to be released this May.

GaGa was pushed to #6 with ‘Telephone’ while another new entry, Selena Gomez & The Scene cracks the top 10 with her first official UK single, ‘Naturally’ at #7.

Biggest jumper this week belongs to Taio Cruz and Ke$ha as their collaboration ‘Dirty Picture’ leaps 28 spots to #12 this week.

Other notable new entries in the top 40 are from Brit Award winner Kate Nash as her latest single, ‘Do-Wah-Doo’ arrives at the charts at #15. British Eliza Doolitle’s debut single ‘Skinny Genes’ at #22, Paul Weller’s new double A-side single, ‘No Tears To Cry/Wake Up The Nation’ at #26. Sunderland band The Futureheads with ‘Heartbeat Song’ at #34.

Snow Patrol’s collaboration with Martha Wainwright ‘Set The Fire To The Third Bar’ sees a re-entry in the singles chart thanks to the UK release of American drama film, ‘Dear John’. The track is included in the film’s soundtrack out now.

Meanwhile in the albums chart, Ben Andrews, also known as Plan B defeated Scouting For Girls at the race for the #1 album spot. His new album, ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’  beated Scouting’s comeback LP, ‘Everybody Wants To Be On T.V.’ which settled for #2.

MGMT’s ‘Congratulations’ enters the chart at #4 while American acoustic singer Joshua Radin’s 2008 album, ‘Simple Times’ charts at #9.

Check out the complete charts HERE.


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Album Review: Ke$ha – Animal

I remembered hearing Ke$ha for the first time last year when she got featured in Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’. Well it was her first mainstream media appearance if you may ask. Since then, the buzz has been up who Kesha Sebert was. Little did we know that the blonde Tennessee girl has been working with Dr. Luke and Max Martin since the tender age of 17. Now, Ke$ha has achieved unbelievable success and mainstream appreciation with her single, ‘Tik Tok’ which seemed like an overnight phenomena.

Ke$ha takes a big step with her debut album, ‘Animal’ which took 3 years in the making. Like Lady GaGa, Ke$ha tries to be a deviant of today’s manufactured pop music. Her eclectic mix of pop, electronica, dance and rock simplifies into a marvellous pop record – of course with a main theme presented PARTYING. We can all get that Ke$ha loves to party and it clearly shows in most of the songs in the record – a big example of which is the ridiculously catchy, ‘Tik Tok’.

The almost an hour LP opens with a similar theme based on ‘TT’, ‘You’re Love Is My Drug’ captures every bit of excitement. An infectious rhythm encrypted with a ‘party animal’ atmosphere – it doesn’t fail to bring out the momentum on what we can anticipate on the entirety of the LP.

Following ‘YLIMD’, the number 1 hit ‘Tik Tok’ still keeps the pace up with the celebrations, being drunk wasted theme. It might be really hard not to enjoy this track as it came to us by storm. Rambunctious and naughty in style, it’s Ke$ha’s defining moment of the album.

Although the positive, carefree outlook of Ke$ha’s music clearly shows in most of her tracks – quality might be compensated over identity. Severly autotuned vocals can be quite a minus in some of her offerings. ‘Take It Off’ is a pretty good example of it. Although the track’s addictive it failed to show her individuality that’s much needed in order for her to be called a great artist.

Having all those party tracks the album is promoting, ‘Animal’ shows a bit of Ke$ha’s life. A debut album might be a miss if it doesn’t have those sobby things that lingers on the artist’s failures, life experiences or anything particular that might bring the ‘other side’ of an artist. There were some tracks that would’ve suited in a piano based instrumentals such as ‘Blind’ and ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’ – but heck these tracks did sound quite good but you know, it could’ve been better.

I guess we already get what Ke$ha would like us to know about her. It’s definitely pop music that we’d love to listen to after party night hangovers or music that we’d love to party while ‘brushing our teeth with a bottle of jack’ kind of. Although there are clearly some things Ke$ha can improve on, I strongly believe she has what it takes to be a respectable pop star. Not some drunk chick trying to take over the world with her drunk party arse tunes.


RELEASED: January 5, 2009 (US), February 1, 2009 (UK)

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