Hayden Panettiere – Wake Up Call

We all know Hayden Panettiere as the girl who can heal herself named “Claire” on the hit-US TV series Heroes but have you ever imagined that this girl will have a recording career? I don’t think so. Well, our fears have come. Hayden Panettiere is debuting her sparkling brand-new single titled “WAKE UP CALL” which hits stores August 11.

Hayden is one of these modern days teen stars who just tries and tries to explore everything in this world. From designing clothing lines, hand-bags, acting, singing and even charity work. She even spent time saving the whales in Japan doesn’t she? She’s 18 and has a lot of things to do, and we don’t know why she even released a song at such time?

WAKE UP CALL provides us a with a cheesy, reggae-pop mix which is flat. The song choice for a debut single is quite bizarre compared to other teen stars who had recording careers. It is very comparable to Paris Hilton’s worse “Stars Are Blind” with a bit of the early Rihanna we heard way back in 2005. The song proves to be a little bit unworthy of gaining chart success. If ever, Hayden can still heal herself with all the pain that is caused by the flopping of her song right? Peace out!

RELEASED: July 29,2008 (US) , August 11, 2008 (UK)




1. Wake Up Call

so, what do u think about the song? tell us.

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2 responses to “Hayden Panettiere – Wake Up Call

  1. Anonymous

    Might be her first released song but hardly the first song she’s done. Google Hayden and disney and you’ll find a whole host of songs she’s done for disney soundtracks. Granted this song was probably a poor choice to show her range. But compared to most actresses that try the whole pop star thing, she at least has the background for it.

  2. ca

    i thought its was kinda crappy at first but her looks made me watch through the whole thing and after that the song actually sounded pretty good…
    bad first impression bad its not that bad once you get the hang of it, a great start!

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