Katy Perry’s Colourful Music

When I first heard Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed A Girl”, I was like “What The Hell?”. I mean the song was a little bit obscene for the pop music world because of the title and the content of the song but when you listen to it the melody just takes over the lyrics to form a fantabulous song that makes you wanna dance or sing when it enters your wax-filled eardrum. I mean, the lyrics are found by many a little bit unappropriate but it is really a big plus for the LGBT community, finally a song that illuminates the LGBT community? Come on, I know even if you find the lyrics a bit offensive you may wanna like this track.

I mean, the lyrics didn’t say that Katy was a lesbo but it just said that she kissed a girl just to try it. She didnt mean to like the girl, you know she’s an average girl with a boyfriend but happen to be a bit naughty and curious so she tried to kiss a girl. I mean for a guy, that’s fucking awesome but for a girl? I’m not sure about that.

Katy’s kinky pop song eventually made it to the number 1 in the US Billboard HOT 100 so it means that she has tons of followers who believe that she isn’t a lesbo. I mean, give me a break, Katy is going to dominate the world music scene with her spankin’ music that’ll change the course of the stereotypical pop music that we hear everyday into something unusual and GAY.


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