David Cook – Light On

David Cook’s first single “The Time Of My Life” off from his American Idol victory may landed #3 on the US Billboard HOT 100 but this isn’t the real David Cook. We’ve known him to be some sort of a “Rockstar” which he proved when he sang “Billie Jean” and “Always Be My Baby” which were brilliant btw. His newest single off from his major label debut album is “Light On” and proves to be very CONVINCING.

The track was co-written by Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell and was produced Rob Cavallo , which has produced tracks for GreenDay and Kid Rock.

David Cook leaves the limelight of Pop music such as the past winners have recorded and delivers us with a solid rock incorporated with heavy guitars, slow jams and impenetrable vocals that may sound a little bit of “Creed” or “Nickelback” It’s definitely one rock song that’s just head-banging and electrifying that may prove addicting like chocolate ice-cream if you’re into rock music, of course.

The main point is David Cook is on his way for having his first ever #1 US hit with “Light On”. Move on Archie!


RELEASED: September 30, 2008 (iTunes US)


check out the comments section for the download link.



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5 responses to “David Cook – Light On

  1. Jizzka

    Hahaha! I like David Cook just as much as the next rock fan, but in his photo, he looks really constipated.

  2. TheBeat

    Yeah!!! I agree!!!

  3. cougarslovecook

    Please…that comment is just silly. The photo is solid and beautiful along with the song. It is a difficult song to sing and he did it justice showing us his wide range of vocals and emotional lyrics. His music is his passion and it shows in his first release. Can't wait for the video and the album. His true fans are behind him 100%visit http://www.cougarslovecook.com the magazine style David Cook fansite for news, videos, photos, forum & store

  4. Anonymous

    Hi! This isn’t an official video for the song, but I’d love to share it with you. It’s an amazing song!

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