Oasis – The Shock of Lightning

Oasis maybe one of the “pros” in rock music over the 90s but they are certainly back in track with this new tune “Shock of Lightning”.
Shock of Lightning is certainly a track influenced by the modern day rockstars like “The Arctic Monkeys”. Oasis still manages to give us music that define their musicality. Certainly not the Oasis we use to hear before but definitely enough to make us gag about their upcoming album “Dig Out Your Soul” which will be released October 6 (wait, that’s next week right?) and fortunately it leaked over the internet about last week. 
Anyways, “The Shock of Lighting” maybe a little bit underrated by critics but it certainly has the “IT” factor that you may wanna download this song and pop it into your iPods. Probably, a good remix by the Chemical Brothers might help like they did on the B-Side of this single.
I’m honestly a NOT huge fan of this band but after a few spins of this new track, I found their music a bit okay  to say the least. Interestingly, I was able to listen to their OLD songs and I’m kind of loving their music.

RELEASED: September 29, 2008


CD Single:
1. The Shock of Lightning
2. Falling Down (Remix by the Chemical Brothers)


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