Weekly Recommends : October 1

Hey, so I’m giving up recommended music for you guys every week. Posts will include recommended albums, artist and songs for your music library and also to keep your music sense updated. So check out every Wednesday to find out our latest recommended music certainly for your ears to listen.
ALBUM – James Morrison – Songs For You, Truths For Me
If you love James’ first material released last 2006, you’re going to love this new one. Honestly, not as calibrated as “Undiscovered” but it is quite a grower. After a few plays on tracks like “Broken Strings” featured by Nelly Furtado and “Please Don’t Stop The Rain” you wanna give it a playlist on your iTunes or any media player because James definitely sticks to his own material and of course, experimented even more. Stand out tracks would include “Broken Strings”, “Please Don’t Stop The Rain”, the single “You Make It Real” and “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You”.

RATING: 3.5/5
RELEASED: September 29, 2008

ARTIST – Lady GaGa
You may have first heard her on Miss Universe 2008 while performing on the swim suit competition but Lady GaGa is slowly climbing her way to Fame which is coincidentally the title of her debut album.
Lady GaGa (real name, Stefanna Germanotta) is a New York-born singer who came to fame with her first single “Just Dance” reaching #2 on the US Dance charts. Her electro-pop jams and infectious anthems made her one of the most sought after dance artists of today. Her single “Just Dance” reached #1 in Canada and Australia.
Lady GaGa was featured in TV shows across the US such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and “The Hills”. She was also guested on various Australian TV shows such as “Sunrise” and “Rove”. She has also worked up with newly comebacking “New Kids on the Block” which had her as a featured artist on their brand new album “The Block”.
Anyways, last September 23 she released her third single titled “Poker Face”. Check out her music by checking on the comment post the link of her new single for download.


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3 responses to “Weekly Recommends : October 1

  1. Yuяi

    I really like “The Fame” (single), “Poker Face”, and even the stalkerish ode “Paparazzi”. I wonder why “Just Dance” tanked on the Billboard Hot 100? Not enough promotion, you think?

  2. TheBeat

    yeah. I guess so. She should have a major release in the US like a single that she’ll promote extensively. Anyways, I’m going to put your link on my bloglist. Is that okay?

  3. Yuяi

    Yep, you can go ahead and link me. Thanks!

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