The Ting Tings – Be The One

The Ting Tings made a surprise when they debuted at #1 on the UK Singles Charts last May with their infectious anthem “That’s Not My Name”. It’s very much of a statement that it kinda knocked-off Madonna from the top-spot. Vocalist Katy White was even criticised of her vocal abilities during live shows. But the truth of the matter is, The Ting Tings are keeping their head on and giving us with songs that are really chart topping and infectious as they seem to be like “Shut Up and Let Me Go” which was nominated for Video of the Year in the recent 2008 Video Music Awards in Hollywood, CA.
With their recent success, they’re set to release another track from their debut album “We Started Nothing”. “Be The One” is their fourth single and will be released on October 13, 2008.

“Be The One” is a bit of a softer side for the duo as they lowered down their powerful basses and incorporated slow jams but still with the usual drums but not as electrifying as their previous hits. The lyrics are a bit sad “I Don’t wanna be the one making all the noise”. It’s pretty good but probably will not chart as much as That’s Not My Name went through.


RELEASED: October 13, 2008


1. Be The One
2. Be The One (Bimbo Jones Remix)



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  1. Paul

    i do like the ting tings, but they don’t arf try and be cool, when they are really just a more modern version of Shampoo 🙂

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