Weekly Recommends: October 8

ALBUM: Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul

Their last album was released last 2005 and it proved to be a success having a 3x platinum mark by the BPI (UK). Now they’re back with another LP titled “Dig Out Your Soul” and was released last October 6, 2008. The album sold an approximately 90,000 copies on its first day of release and might have a #1 UK album by Sunday. The album is packed with their original rock element. It has a big sound packed with angst, astounding compositions and well-crafted arrangements. Of course, they’re Oasis and they’re like the biggest British band in the 21st century. Am I right? Even if lead singer, Noel Gallagher was involved in pretty explicit interviews in the past months it doesn’t affect the credibility of Oasis in the world of rock music. They’re back and they’ve done it again. Stand-out tracks include: “The Turning”, “The Shock of Lightning”, “High Horse Lady

RELEASED: October 6, 2008 (UK), October 7, 2008 (USA)

ARTIST: Leon Jackson

Many have quite agreed that this lad shouldn’t be the winner of the X-Factor but I think they’re definitely wrong. After having some controversies after his win on the most famous reality singing competition search in the UK, He is back with a new single and a brand new album. If you’re into ballads ala Michael Buble, this guy is worth listening to. The fact that he idolises Michael Buble is much a statement on what kind of music he is into. Pop-ballad, soul, contemporary jazz or some sort of.

He’s from Scotland and was hailed the fourth winner of the British version of American Idol, “The X-Factor” – the show that bought former receptionist Leona Lewis to international superstardom and likewise the gorgeous and the modern-day remnant of Daniel Bedingfield but with an edge – Shayne Ward (If That’s Ok With You). He’s young, fresh but packed with a beautiful soulful voice that will make the ladies fall in love with. His version of “When You Believe” originally done by MC and Whitney was hailed as the christmas #1 in the UK Singles Charts.

At first, I actually didn’t like him but after a few spins of his new track “Don’t Call This Love” (released October 13) I immediately placed it as one of my top picks for my monthly soundtrack. It sounded like a 60’s song at the beginning but afterwards it proved to be very convincing as a debut single. The squeaky sound of the violin and piano contributed to the song immensely.

His new single, “Don’t Call This Love” will be released October 13 and his album “Right Now” will be released October 20. Watch out for reviews.


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