Girls Aloud may have 1 or 2 LPs left before SPLIT

Sarah Harding, a member of the five-piece British girl-group have said that they will probably have 1 or 2 albums to be released before the rumoured split takes place.

“We’ve signed a new contract and it’s all looking rosy. I like the 60s vibe and the retro thing is coming back,” she said.

“We wanted to stay upbeat but try something a bit different and advanced. I don’t think anything we’ve ever done has ever sounded the same. But we have that same vibe whatever we do because of our vocals.”

The Girls, which had all their singles crack the top 10 of the UK singles charts are pretty much still in shape and are ready to make records as much as possible for their fans.

Their new single “The Promise” will be released October 20. The album drops on November.

*review for the new single will be posted next week.


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One response to “Girls Aloud may have 1 or 2 LPs left before SPLIT

  1. Jizzka

    hey kim! I heard Girls Aloud wrote a book! It’s called “Dreams that Glitter,” it sort of an autobiography. Haha, I’m kinda interested in reading it, but I think it’ll be really expensive if it ever comes out here in the Phil.

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