Weekly Recommends: October 16

ALBUM – The Virgins – “The Virgins

These New York based rockers sounded a bit British the first time I heard them but they’re not. Their single, Rich Girls is quite a dance slash rock anthem that is quite infectious. But it didn’t manage to get enough attention to musicophiliacs. Their music has been used in different occasions on the hit-television series Gossip Girl. In 2007 they released a 5 track EP containing the tracks that were released in their major label album titled “The Virgins”. Their music belongs to the ones of the Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs etc.

Their album “The Virgins” which consists of 10 tracks is a gunner. It’s well crafted, and didn’t sound Indie for the record. Funk verses with a little bit taste of bashing were delivered by the charismatic frontman, Donald Cumming which defines their music as Indie but not Indie sort of thing. It is packed with sexy, danceable and unarguably singalong choruses. The retro rock samples are quite complementing to the whole array of available instruments induced by the band. It’s surely an undiscovered item in your music stores but definitely worth the find. Buy their CD NOW!!!

visit: www.myspace.com/thevirginsnyc (official MySpace page)


RELEASED: July 2008

LABEL: Atlantic (US)


These duo, previously called The Management are an American based indie group consisting of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. The duo are noted for their top 10 hit, “Electric Feel” reaching #7 in the Australian Singles Charts. They dind’t have much attention in the mainstream in the US but they managed to crack the UK, Australian mainstream with their second LP release “Oracular Spectacular” reaching #12 and #7 in the albums chart respectively. Their first single “Time To Pretend” was heard in different American tv series such as Gossip Girl.

Their music is evenly compared to Muse with a different edge 90’s Britpop sound. The album is definitely worth listening to.

Their new single “Kids” are out NOW.

visit: www.whoisMGMT.com

*check back next week for more recommended music material. xoxo


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  1. Jizzka

    Love both of them, Rich Girls is my favorite Virgins song. I love Pieces of What by MGMT, cool post! =)

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