Keane – Perfect Symmetry (Review)

Well-crafted, ambitious and squeaky clean. Unfortunately, this album is still nowhere to be found in our local record bars here in the Philippines which sucks. I heard it and its just ear-banging. These piano busting lads are definitely back with a new twist in their music. They sounded a bit like Oasis’ new album “Dig Out Your Soul” but is quite really a grower in your music libraries. Stand Out tracks would include “Spiralling”, “Better Than This” and the very much artistic and “heart-swelling”, “Love Is The End”. I commend the much exerted effort of the band to try something new and expand their sense of music. They are great live performers and they really sound good. They make indie kids a lot jealous about their music the fact that these guys have been in the bizz for about 5 years now. Their previous albums to date have made visible success in the British music scene.

In the conclusion, the album isn’t really much of an album that will stuck on your head for the longest time but is indeed an album of Keane which is most likely to become memorable (so far…). It’s heart swelling, melodramatic and a piano-pizazz. The album is one of the few albums that you would love to hear on your iPod while waiting for someone you hate at Starbucks or just when you love to hear on a Sunday afternoon boredom scenario that would make your heart pump and swell at the same time. :))

RELEASED: October 13, 2008

RATING: 3.5 / 5



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