Beyonce – If I Were A Boy / Single Ladies

It’s been quite a successful 2 years for Beyonce (2006-2007) her B’Day album dropped and her tour kicked off and went on to go around the world. A song “Beautiful Nightmare” leaked in the internet early 2008 and we were surprised that it isn’t the new single. Instead, Beyonce releases 2 singles “If I Were A Boy” (Worldwide), “Single Ladies” (US Urban) and it implies another great year ahead of B.

First, let’s rant about the first single “If I Were A Boy”. It’s a sad, melodramatic pop song and falls under the likes of “Irreplaceable” and such. It’s soft and promises to be another power ballad produced by the diva. It’s like you’ve heard it before but you didn’t. Is Katy Perry setting a trend here? It’s quite an intriguing title at first you’d ask: “Why does Beyonce want to be a boy?” and then you’d find the answer upon hearing the song. The story is the same boy/girl drama thing that the boy is always the loser. Sexist lyrics I guess. Anyways, if “Irreplaceable” became a hit, then why don’t this? It’s indeed a power-pop ballad but of course, Beyonce’s vocals are still stunning to say the least. There’s no negative about it except the fact that it may sound a little bit something in the past that you just can’t find in your old music libraries. Anyways, I love it. I think it’s a probable #1 for Queen B.

Next, the second single “Single Ladies” isn’t really much that original. It’s a remnant of “Check On It” and “Get Me Bodied”. It’s a sassy, upbeat track that promises to be another dance anthem. It’s full of charm and quite imposes the usual Beyonce that we heard from the past (except her ballads). I guess, the remixers would be pleased to hear this track and of course, it’s another club banger. The negative is that it might not be bigger than the other song which was exceptional. Can’t say no more. Let’s just see what happens.

RATING: 4/5 (If I Were A Boy), 2.5/5 (Single Ladies)

RELEASE: November 11, 2008 (CD Single)


1. If I Were A Boy
2. Single Ladies



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