Why the new Girls Aloud album cover is good – NOT!

It is really quite unflattering to see the new Girls Aloud album cover for their fifth album “Out of Control”. The first time I saw it on the Girls’ wikipedia page, I immediately thought it was like a fan made album cover. I mean, why are the title like are just squeezed in. It’s like the picture was actually made with no artistic style and all that. Why the hell does the word “Girls Aloud” shown twice? It’s cheap, not complimenting to their new style and especially to the whole atmosphere these girls are trying to set. I wonder who made it and I hope there’s a miracle and the recording company will pull out the single and album cover last minute but I guess that’s quite impossible so I’ll bear with it. Anyways, the new song is great and hopefully the album as well.

Anyways, just expressing my disgust about the album art. xoxo



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2 responses to “Why the new Girls Aloud album cover is good – NOT!

  1. Jizzka

    yeah, agree with you. The album art is sloppy, and they’ve done better before. You can even see the flash of the cam on the words, not very flattering.

  2. Yuяi

    Totally craptastic artwork that could have and should have been soo much better. Boooo to the creative team!

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