Sugababes – Catfights & Spotlights

RELEASED: October 20, 2008

RATING: 3.5/5

1. “Girls”
2. “You on a Good Day”
3. “No Can Do”
4. “Hanging on a Star”
5. “Side Chick”
6. “Unbreakable Heart”
7. “Sunday Rain”
8. “Every Heart Broken”
9. “Beware”
10. “Nothing’s as Good as You”
11. “Sound of Goodbye”
12. “Can We Call a Truce”
Stand-out tracks: “Side Chick”, “Girls”, “No Can Do”, Hanging on a Star”

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  1. F

    hey!im from malaysian im a big fan of the ‘babesluv ’em so much!i gave ’em 4.5 for the albumthey are awesome!!!!

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