Leon Jackson – Right Now

It’s absolutely a shame for this Scottish lad to be beaten by a singing transexual that is from a comedy spoof of the Britain’s reality singing competition – by Peter Kay that is. Leon’s second single “Don’t Call This Love” settled for a disappointing #3 in the UK Singles Charts this week despite of high ratings received by the X-Factor on October 11’s live show.
His debut album title speaks an irony for his career. Following previous winner Leona Lewis’ footsteps is quite an impossible idea for this guy. Simon’s actually following the same strategy he’d done with Leona as he tries to get Leon a big break in the midst of the release of greater comebacks.
I actually thought the first time I heard his single, “Don’t Call This Love” that it was actually brilliant and could hit high in the charts but after I heard the B-side “Don’t Give Up”, I immediately thought Leon was amazing. His charismatic voice ala Michael Buble could win the hearts of many.
“Right Now” is actually a big step for Leon. He is quite stepping out of his comfort zone and tries to impress us with big band tunes and vocals that are quite convincing to be soulful, manly and sexy (at least he is trying). Indeed, his voice is sexy but his attitude ain’t. Not most of the songs are quite disappointing (not all, thank God). There are a few to be listed as remarkable. Fortunately, I happen to like at least more than half of them. The opener, “Don’t Call This Love” is actually a great start for the whole 50 minutes of uncertainty to whether like him or not.
The few tracks that i thought were remarkable were: Creative which is a slightly upbeat tune which plants him to the calibre of Michael Buble’s character. Fingerprints which leaves us with a mantra “Baby all I wanna do is leave my fingerprints on you”. His cover of You Don’t Know Me was also remarkable and was probably the best of the bunch. Caledonia which is probably an ode to his native Scotland . A Song For You is really quite predictable to say the least and we have this closer, the bonus track When You Believe is an exceptional cover of MC and Whitney proves to be an indication that he can do more with his range and can battle even the likes of the big-voiced acts of today.
If you don’t know Leon Jackson in the first place, you’d actually think that the album was some sort of a old collection CD that your grandpa never had the chance to buy. The songs are quite too old for his character but nevertheless he delivers it with aplomb. The album was full of heavy sets of strings with an old-fashioned vibe surrounding the whole atmosphere. I think it wasn’t a good idea for Simon to give Leon such songs that he is just way out of. The album is a way mile incomparable to the astounding debut Leona Lewis had. To the end, I think Leon is quite still on the spirit of his freshness on winning the X-Factor and proves a bit disappointing even to his loyal fans. Is it a signal of a short-termed career or an indicator of a much bigger success when he leaves the remnants of the X-Factor days? Unfortunately, it’s not in the same track that catapulted Leona Lewis to international superstardom. I’m scared that it might not enter the Albums Chart at #1 this Sunday. Even though his album is quite just “Okay”, I’m still a fan – no worries.

RELEASE: October 20, 2008
STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Creative”, “You Don’t Know Me”, “Don’t Call This Love”


  1. “Don’t Call This Love”
  2. “Creative”
  3. “Stargazing”
  4. “All In Good Time”
  5. “Right Now”
  6. “You Dont Know Me”
  7. “Ordinary Days”
  8. “A Song For You”
  9. “Fingerprints”
  10. “Could Do Better”
  11. “Misty Blue”
  12. “Caledonia”
  13. “When You Believe” (UK Bonus Track)



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6 responses to “Leon Jackson – Right Now

  1. Paul

    I haven’t heard the album yet, but do agree that the single should have beat the one note joke that is geraldine! However, i think you either like this type of music or you don’t, but i think it’s a bit snoozy. I have warmed to Leon in the time he was away and since he’s buffed up (how shallow) so i shall probably dip my toe 🙂

  2. J.Mensah

    Lol! the comment out the transexual made me laugh, and I agree I Think “you don’t know me” was outstanding, and I had no idea it was a cover version lol!

  3. taeguk

    Agree. Though I’m not fully satisfied with this album, I’m still a fan of Leon, too. He still has great potential because he can sing and he’s so young. Good luck to him.

  4. ken

    re: Pauli do love this kind of music. At first, when he won the x-factor I was like, okay but then he releases Don’t call this love I became a big fan. It’s just that I have high expectations from him than before so I’m a bit disappointed about the album but not entirely.

  5. ken

    re: J.mensahhaha. i actually love Geraldine McQueen’s The Winners Song, I just thought that Leon deserves a higher position than it. hahaha

  6. ken

    re: taegukgood to see a person with the same point of view as I do. I love Leon’s music.

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