Weekly Recommends: October 22

here are few recommended albums and tracks for your weekly listening pleasure.

ALBUM: Leon Jackson – Right Now

Okay, so as I posted yesterday, I’m a little bit disappointed about the debut album of Leon Jackson but since the Saturday’s album aren’t out until next week. I have to recommend this album. It’s actually not Leon’s best but I do think that his voice is still amazing. He’s got this sexy, charismatic charm that whenever he sings, you just want to finish listening to whatever he is singing. I’ve actually listened to the album for numerous times now and as it progressed, the album has actually grown on me. It wasn’t the same league as Leona but it’s enough for a good start for this young Scottish lad. He’s amazing and you might want to check out the album. Seriously! check out the full review of the album by clicking HERE.


RELEASED: October 20, 2008

STAND OUT TRACKS: “You Don’t Know Me”, “Creative”, “Don’t Call This Love”

SINGLE: Insomnia – Craig David

Okay, this may sound as a cousin of Rihanna’s Disturbia and Chris Brown’s “Forever” but this is definitely worth to listen to. The R&B superstar is back and is fired-up again with another infectious anthem. “Insomnia” promises to be a club dance-floor filler and a DJ remix frenzy. I’m hoping for a good performance in the charts when it is released. Danceable, upbeat and fantastic. It’s just infectious as it may seem to be. I’m literally having an Insomnia for just listening to this track. Amazing. Watch out for the comeback of Craig David as he releases his “Greatest Hits” CD which will be out a week after the release of his comeback single.

RATING: 4.5/5

RELEASE: November 17, 2008

check out the review of Craig David’s greatest hits at POPREVIEWSNOW


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