Keane – The Lovers Are Losing

Well, they are certainly back in the bizz after their newest album “Perfect Symmetry” booted Oasis’ “Dig Out Your Soul” in the top spot of the UK albums chart. But is the new single “good-enough” to be a #1 single for them? I say, “probably not”.
“The Lovers Are Losing” isn’t quite a statement for their “new” sound implication. After hearing the first single off the album “Spiralling” is quite a shocker. We’ve known Keane for their heart-swelling anthems such as “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Everybody’s Changing” which are phenomenal and here comes the new single which became available for free and we say, “Keane’s back with new material with a new level for their style of music.” – This isn’t clearly evident on the new single as it lacks the certain angst that we heard from “Spiralling’s Oooh”.
Well, their new single is really catchy but really not that original. It’s the same as we’ve heard from “Hopes and Fears” and “Under the Iron Sea” which set their standards for the piano-pop rock image they’re building. Fortunately, the song is quite convincing for a top 10 hit but not a #1 hit type of song. It’s certain that they’ve changed – a bit. It’s still the same Keane that we heard with the usual piano-led instrumentals and Tom Chaplin’s vulnerable vocals. 
Certainly not going to be a top 1 hit but will definitely be a radio hit. Anyways, Keane is still one of the current top acts in their category.  Changes are good but definitely with this song, they’re quite sticking to their element. Good for them, it’s better and it’s actually a grower but not enough to make your ipods bump into a repeat mode.
RATING: 3.5/5

RELEASE: October 20, 2008

TRACK LISTING (download):

1. The Lovers Are Losing

LISTEN (courtesy of *press the play button*:

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