Lily Allen’s new song. Our verdict.

 Allen recently premiered her new song on her official MySpace site . It is titled “Everyone’s At It”. It’s pretty much the new Lily Allen with electropop madness going on. She’s definitely at it again and is giving us with a promising yet convincing tracks.

The song is rumoured to be included in the February release of her new album “It’s Not Me, It’s You”. Definitely a must listen song. It proves to be another hit of course, to say the least. It has this energetic vibe that we liked about Lily. Lyrical wise, it’s pretty much Lily’s ranting over something that everyone’s at and she’s the only one who’s not. It’s pretty much a good decision of moving from ska to electro pop.
The track proves to be pleasing and very much in a good future when it comes to charting. Hopefully, Lily stops ranting about being fat and giving us negative views on her image – career wise. Anyways, Lily’s absolutely back in her element and she should focus on her music more than anything else.

RELEASE DATE: TBA (December 2008 / January 2008)

visit Lily Allen’s MySpace to listen to the song. xoxo

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