So okay, everyone’s fussing about this debut album of “The Saturdays” titled “Chasing Lights”. It’s pretty much on the verge of success as it will be released this Monday, October 27 in the UK.
Everyone has pretty much made their reviews about the album but i’m pretty lazy to do that so, I’ve saved the album by not playing it until Sunday. I’m actually excited about it and I would love to rant about it soon but I guess I have to wait until it is being released. I’ve heard a few tracks such as “Work” and “Issues” but I’m quite saving the whole album to the best of my interest. Well, while waiting for my own review please do check out the following blogs for their reviews of the album.
Hmm there’s one thing, i’m pretty much excited about this week’s live show of the X-Factor. Big band will be this week’s theme and the finalists will perform a some sort of a charity single cover of Mariah’s hit “Hero”. I can’t wait to hear it and as Simon said, it’ll probably go straight to the charts next week. I can’t wait to hear the performances of Austin Drage, Diana Vickers and Laura White.
Anyways, also watch out for a review of Taylor Swift’s new single “Fearless” and some other releases this week and this week’s chart news (UK, US). Keep it locked here. xoxo

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