The Saturdays – Chasing Lights (Review)

Well, these girls have certainly carved their names in chart history as they cracked the charts at #8 last August with their Yazoo sampling “If This is Love” and their current top 10 hit “Up” which is just infectious as the other. Now, from Fascination Records, the same group that bought Girls Aloud the top comes the debut album of the hottest girl group in the UK.
The debut album which consists of 11 outstanding original tracks written by Xenomania is proving to be very strong and absolutely worth of any emulation. It’s pretty impressive as far as I know and it’ll surely make its way on your CD shelves. It is screaming for a possible top 5 debut next Sunday and the momentum set by “If This Is Love” and “Up” is really going to continue.
Chasing Lights is pretty much a nice way for the girls to show off what they’ve really got. They are definitely out from the shadows of wilderness and the limelight behind Girls Aloud, Fascination’s biggest selling artist to date. It’s a breath of fresh air, well-crafted pop music that’ll set the bar high on the battle of the girl bands in the UK (Sugababes vs. Girls Aloud vs. the Saturdays that is).
The opener, If This Is Love is pretty much outstanding when we first heard it but then, the second song up has proven it deserved a higher slot in the charts. The lyrics which are quite about the girls’ maladies about their love lives, heartbreaks and of course, those two-timing boyfriends that caused pain into their own hearts which is a bit cliché. Musical wise, the tracks are definitely infectious with strong ballads, upbeat tracks with quirky, electrifying electro-pop choruses.
Okay, let’s talk about more of the tracks. Keep Her is pretty much about confronting a boyfriend about two-timing and proving that she can do it no matter what. It starts with an electric beat accompanied with a heavy instrumentation towards the chorus and their voices really do blend well. Issues which are a pretty good ballad about being confused about love are one of the outstanding tracks in the album. Lies is pretty much the same calibre as Issues and Keep her did but it has a more infectious and powerful chorus. Chasing Lights, the title track is much more convincing as they prove that they sound equally well in ballads. Fall which really sounded Stargate-ish is quite on the same tracks as “Take a Bow” which speaks of a girl seeing his boy fall from the top. Thanks to the help of Vanessa White as her vocals really excelled in these tracks but never out shadowed the other girls.
The upbeat tracks aren’t really that predictable as it followed the theme of “Up” when it comes to being groovy, lively but similarly themed to the other tracks in the album. Work is an excellent track- it’s classy, memorable and very much showed more of the electro-pop atmosphere going on in their tracks. Set Me Off is sassy, very pop-ish track with some help provided by the guitar which closely resembles “UP” a little bit. Vulnerable sounded a bit Girls Aloud-ish while the closer Why Me Why Now isn’t pretty much a good choice to end the album.
Overall, they’re definitely on the right track to make their way as one of the UK’s prominent girl bands of today. Will they outsell Girls Aloud on the albums chart? As I’ve heard, it’s really a well-crafted album than the release of GA. It really speaks much of the girls’ personality and a really good sign of a long-term career ahead of them. Pretty sure, they really sounded great together.
Will they outshine today’s girl band pioneers such as the Sugababes and Girls Aloud? As I’ve heard from this album, there’s a big chance but there is still more to come with the release of the new GA album next week. Anyways, they’ve created the big buzz in today’s music with this equally enjoyable album which is worth the bank for. It’s worth of emulation in any aspect for such an amazing debut. Fresh, hot and chart-ready tracks will definitely end our doubts about the girls eligibility for superstardom.
NOTE: The cover art has defeated those of Girls Aloud and the Sugababes artistically, but where the hell is the album title? Can you find the “Chasing Lights” word? Hmm…
RATING: 4.5/5

RELEASE: October 27, 2008
STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Work”, “Lies”, “Fall”, “Up”‘
1. If This Is Love
2. Up
3. Keep Her
4. Issues
5. Lies
6. Work
7. Chasing Lights
8. Set Me Off
9. Fall
10. Vulnerable
11. Why Me, Why Now
12. Up (Wideboys Remix Edit)


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6 responses to “The Saturdays – Chasing Lights (Review)

  1. Aaron

    I rather like this album – It’s just a shame that I won’t be able to get my copy for months!Great review though!

  2. Nikki

    agreed! The album cover is light years better than the GA one, that’s just horrible..The title track is a gorgeous song, but every time I listen to it, I can’t help but think of the Paula Cole song, ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’.Still, I think The Saturdays’ presence is much needed in UK music, thank god they came.

  3. Zore

    I like your review, but I haven’t got a chance to listen to the whole album, just the singles.I’m hoping for a portuguese release…

  4. ken

    re: Aaronoh yeah, you’re from Oz right? Thanks for the comment. Can’t wait for the GA album!

  5. ken

    re: Nikkihaha. I was actually going to comment about Chasing Lights sounding a bit of a song before that I really don’t know the title. Anyways, thanks for the info.Yeah. The Saturdays are really an awesome addition to the string array of Girl bands in the UK. Definitely a long career ahead of them.

  6. ken

    re: Zorei really don’t know if they’ll have an international release. I’m hoping! The album is awesome, you should check it out.

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