Leona Lewis – Forgive Me (Review)

Okay, there are many things that happened to this girl for the past year. She has been proclaimed as the most successful British female artist of 2007 – 2008 with her single “Bleeding Love” receiving the RECORD of the YEAR award in the UK last December 2007, reaching #1 in almost all charts in the world. Having her album reach 6x platinum certifications in the UK, platinum in US and Australia and selling almost 5 million albums in the past year she really is the big thing. But many have doubted of Leona’s ability to have another follow-up hit to “Bleeding Love” as her next single “Better in Time” settled for #2 in the UK last March and is currently #11 in the US. After more than 6 months, Leona is ready to release “Forgive Me” a single produced by platinum selling artist Akon. It’s included in the re-release edition of her album “Spirit” in the UK. It’s proving of another success as far as I’ve heard.

“Forgive Me” is an upbeat song, first time for Lewis’ that is. It’s a fresh track incorporated with heavy drums and some harmonica playing the background. It’s proving to be an astutely move for her especially with her career currently in hiatus in her hometown. Still, the song never fails to showcase Lewis’ absolutely powerful vocals and a certain attitude that we loved when we first heard Bleeding Love. But is it really a nice move for Leona to shift from singing incredibly big ballads into something dancy, funky and bass-rich tracks? Lyrically, it’s about her asking for forgiveness with lines arrantly said “I got to take the chance tonight, so I’m doing me, myself tonight”. It’s really a good song but not that spectacular as “Bleeding Love” or so.

Will “Forgive Me” be Leona’s third #1 single? The answer will have to wait until the release of the single on November 3.


RELEASED: November 3, 2008


1. Forgive Me
2. Myself (featuring Novel)



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6 responses to “Leona Lewis – Forgive Me (Review)

  1. Aaron

    I really rather like this track, but then again – I like most of what she’s done!

  2. Paul

    ok, hated this on first listen, but actually have heard it a few times since then and it has really grown on me. Rumours still persist that she will release a studio version of her Snow Patrol cover “Run” within mere weeks of this coming out :O

  3. ken

    Re: Paulit’s not a rumour anymore. She’s going to include “Run” on the deluxe edition! So happy!!!

  4. ken

    Hopefully, it’ll crack the top 10 next week!

  5. Anonymous

    Average IMO… I think Alexandra on Xfactor has a better voice. Can she write any of her own songs?

  6. ken

    re: AnonymousLeona is definitely better than Alexandra. Anyways, yeah I think she has co-written a song or two in her debut album. I really don’t know much about her songwriting skills.xoxo

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