Weekly Recommends: October 30

Okay, This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was too busy to do it. Anyways, here are my selected artists/songs/albums for you this week:


Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns

– okay, not going to make a proper review on this one but definitely a nice comeback for these Scottish band. Not as outstanding as Eyes Open buut definitely still the same Snow Patrol we loved. The album has these emotional vibe going on with song titles really pushing over the artistic boundaries of their music. Probably will include a hit or two. Stand out tracks include: “Please Just Take These Photos Off of my Hands”, “The Golden Floor”.

Pink – Funhouse

– definitely the best album of Pink ever. It’s full of angst, well-crafted pop rock anthems. Absolutely a nice buy. Ballads were awesome, and there were lots of enjoyable moments too! I’m totally in love! Stand out tracks include: “Crystal Ball”, “So What”.


Jessica Mauboy featuring Flo-Rida – Running Back

– thanks to FMSM, I was able to get a hold of this song. It’s effing awesome. It’s the debut single of Australian Idol 2006 runner-up Jessica Mauboy featuring some vocals done by American rapper, Flo-Rida. It’s a solid-r&b track that is just piercing the first time you hear it. She definitely has to crack the international music scene with this one. Very commendable.

David Archuleta – Angels
– David A’s got it all going on. Really strong song. Absolutely going to crack the charts and might beat David C’s campaign in the long run. He’s definitely got the x-factor on becoming one of the best singers today. Love love love! Check out the review when it is released formally.

X-Factor Finalists – Hero (Mimi’s original)

– definitely one of the best charity singles this year. No wonder it’s currently #1 on UK midweek selling over 100,000 copies! It’s defeating Girls Aloud’s current #1 and is now the greatest hit of the decade. Simon is just genius. His predictions were absolutely right. Amazing! Just check out the song and buy it if you’re living in the UK!!

*check back for more reviews.



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2 responses to “Weekly Recommends: October 30

  1. Paul

    Ken! I like most these albums – (well i’d have given Pink more stars) but the singles you picked? I guess i’m just tired of US artists covering Robbie William’s Angels. The original is just unsurpassable, and very overplayed anyway. Still little Archie may have more success with it than Jessica Sim! And ugh to the Heroes single – heinous! Even if it is the only time my beloved voted off Scott Bruton will hit number one! Simon should’ve just donated money from the phone lines instead and saved my ears 😉

  2. ken

    re: Paul,I agree with the archie one but i totally love his version. About the HERO single, i just love the song but I wanted more from it. I definitely hated that Scott got voted off last week. It was really a big mistake.

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