Girls Aloud – Out of Control (Review)

It has been one heck of a month for UK music. The battle of the girl bands has come to an end. After the Sugababes released a not so much impressive album, The Saturdays’ followed with an eloquently fashioned debut album then the penultimate end to the battle begins. Girls Aloud releases their fifth LP and it’s their best YET. No wonder they’re the best girl band the UK has ever had.
The 53-minute heart stomper is an absolute success. Following almost a year after the release of their previous LP, “Tangled Up” The Girls are back with another album packed with euphoric elements, satisfaction and greatness combined within the shiny texture of a CD. The album is once again produced by Xenomania, the mastermind behind the girls’ success. What else these girls are not capable off? Their single is currently #1, Cheryl got this X-Factor gimmick and all that. Their sudden change of style is really paying off. It’s packed with more than we expected from these girls. Absolutely a stunner and probably the best album of the year so far – FOR ME.

The opening, The Promise gives us the idea of the whole 60’s thing going on for these girls. It’s a grower and an absolute favourite in the album. The Loving Kind – a collaboration with the PET SHOP BOYS follows the footsteps of their #3 hit Call The Shots back last year, a powerful semi-ballad that’s just absolutely a next single-material. Rolling Back The Rivers is quite okay but not as powerful as the other tracks were, it’s got the quirky interlude with cheesy lyrics “We were kissing till dark turn to light”. Love Is The Key, probably the best in the album starts with an awkward Gregorian chant-ish intro then storming into another 60’s vibe like what they did on The Promise. Electro-pop beats are absolutely complementing the album as they did on Turn To Stone, which reminded me of a Kylie song way back then. Untouchable, the 6-minute fast-paced electronic anthem is just impressive as I’d thought it would be when I first listened to it. Fix Me Up¬ which sounded a little bit R&B is sexy carefully blended with the Girls’ playful and seductive vocals. I actually thought the opening was “Sex me up” – funny! Love Is Pain is one-heck of an electro-pop song there were too many beats going on but definitely sounded like more of a Kylie Minogue-ish track. Miss You Bow Wow –weird title but actually a good song but not really that impressive, I guess. Revolution In The Head is sassy, a bit annoying but is okay with some help of Nadine’s try-hard “rapping”. Live In The Country with all that sound-effects from cows mooing to birds chirping and the typical countryside sceneries which actually complemented to the meaning of the song is probably about a small girl dreaming of something big like the girls or so. We Wanna Party a cover song of Aqua’s former singer is actually an OKAY song to end the album with lyrics that are just impossible “We Wanna Party but we got no LOVE”. 12 amazing tracks packed in a CD? What else could you wish for from these girls?

To sum it all up, the girls are absolutely a delight to all of us. Thank God they won Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002. With an album full of very catchy, infectious and possibly venereal anthems they really are the BEST girl band in today’s music. Out of Control never failed to give a new twist to GA’s ever amusing music. It’s an absolute treat, that everyone must have this halloween! They’re just overflowing with talent, amazing taste in music and intelligent minds to come up with such a spectacular album. They are just consistent in giving us wonderful POP music year after year. It’s too early to ask, but is the end near for these girls? The answer is quite straight and simple – I defo- don’t think so.

RELEASE: October 31, 2008 (Ireland), November 3, 2008 (UK)

RATING: (not perfect because, there’s nothing perfect in this world. Hahaha)

STAND OUT TRACKS: “The Promise”, “The Loving Kind”, “Love Is The Key”, “Live In The Country”


1. The Promise
2. The Loving Kind
3. Rolling Back The Rivers
4. Love Is The Key
5. Turn To Stone
6. Untouchable
7. Fix Me Up
8. Love Is Pain
9. Miss You Bow Wow
10. Revolution in the Head
11. Live In The Country
12. We Wanna Party

what do you think? hmmm…



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5 responses to “Girls Aloud – Out of Control (Review)

  1. Jizzka

    Untouchable is my absolute fav. Nicola’s vocals is gorgeous. Awesome review!

  2. ken

    I agree, Untouchable is a delight. That’s what good about these girls, they all have the chance of singing in a song unlike other girl bands who has a lead vocalist or somethin’.

  3. Nikki

    the whole album is really amazing for fans but for non-fans, it’s an acquired taste. Still, every song is amazing and every song has something about it that contributes to the over-all brilliant album.

  4. Yuяi

    Great review! Totally agree this is a near-perfect album.

  5. Giannis PPM

    I would’ve thought of it as perfect, had it not been for “Live in the country”, “Fix me up” and “Love is the key”.
    “We wanna party” probably has some of the best lyrics of the entire album and there’s much more than the first line of the verse “We wanna party but we got no love”, which sounds weird on its own.
    “Love is pain” is my personal favourite.

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