Duffy – Rain On Your Parade

Welsh soul singer Duffy is one of the biggest acts of 2008. She’s sold millions of her debut album “Rockferry” which made it the highest selling album in the UK for now. Her single “Mercy” is one of the biggest singles in the world for now having a whopping 5 week stay at #1 (UK Charts) and having to crack various international charts last March. She has been dubbed as one of the “new-Amys” this year (the voice, not the attitude). It’s been one heck of a year for this young girl. Now she releases, “Rain On Your Parade” a track off from CD 2 of her deluxe edition album in stores this November.
On the intro, it sounded like it was the booted song for the new bond movie as Duffy was rumoured to become the artist to record Bond’s new theme song – unfortunately, it went to Alicia Keys. It’s more of an upbeat tempo like “Mercy” but not that hyped. The soul was definitely still there. Violins were absolutely complementing the track and of course, Duffy’s stunning vocals. Not as catchy as “Mercy” but will definitely hit high on charts (hopefully!). To be honest, I’m expecting more from her but it kind of didn’t get what I wanted. Anyways, it’s still gorgeous to say the least but not as convincing to become a possible #1 hit for her. Definitely sets her aside from the footsteps of Amy and Dusty Springfield because Duffy has her vibe going on. She’s oozing with soul and amazing voice that captures our hearts.

RELEASE: November 17, 2008



1. Rain On Your Parade
2. Syrup & Honey



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