Laura White voted off from X-Factor

one word: RUBBISH!!!

arrgghh. pretty disappointed about Daniel being left in the competition. He sucks big time. What is happening to the British audience? Can’t they distinguish who’s better or not??? Ohh.. That sob stories are all fucking bullocks.




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3 responses to “Laura White voted off from X-Factor

  1. Nikki

    I KNOW! Daniel should really go, it’s killing me to see people who are better than him being voted off, it’s outrageous.

  2. Paul

    It’s really a nightmare of gargantuan proportions (both daniel being in the competition and uh, daniel himself). Still I do think Laura was pretty poor tonight – playing the piano really sapped her concentration and she was not at the top of her game.

  3. Jizzka

    Diana Vickers HAS to win. I just don’t understand why Daniel hasn’t been voted off.

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