Take That – Greatest Day

They’ve started off to become of the UK’s most successful boy bands. in the early 90’s After six years, they’ve split up and recently, in 2006 their comeback was a huge success. “Shine”, “Patience” were two of the biggest hits of 2006-2007. Now, the boys releases this single “Greatest Day” which was opted to be the opening song in their 2009 tour called “Take That presents The Circus”. The single will be on a roll for the top in the singles charts when it is released this November 24.

“Greatest Day” is actually a pretty descent song penned by Gary Barlow and the rest of the boys which is quite still in their element. It’s a squeaky pop slash rock tune packed with a big chorus and of course definitely big instrumentations. Of course, Gary delivers with as ever soothing and very convincing vocals but of course, let’s not forge the boys – they did pretty well too. Probably sticks with the elements such as “Rule The World” but isn’t as quite as impressive as “Shine” and “Patience” did. It’s definitely very big and is suited for a closing song for a tour perhaps, but opening? Probably not. Lyrically, it was quite in time for their careers as Gary sings “Today is the greatest day of our lives” – certainly YES and is quite uplifting with a very dramatic and emotional sentiments going on. But can Take That handle another big release in the 24th? Britney’s “Womanizer” has already proven it’s worth as it debuts at #4. I guess, it’s for us to decide.

Catch the song when it is released on November 24 and their new album “The Circus” on December 2008.

RATING: starstarstarhalf-star

RELEASED: November 24, 2008

1. Greatest Day
2. Sleepwalking



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