Leona Lewis – Run

Okay, I’m panting here. It’s official, Leona’s cover of the Snow Patrol top 5 hit “Run” is going to be released as a single. The song originally done on a session on Radio 1’s Live Lounge which became an instant hit on the radio station last year is included in her Deluxe Edition album. It’s purely amazing and I’m sure, it’s going to be a hit.

Leona’s ever well-polished, amazing, stunning voice that captured the whole world by storm is still hitting the high notes. She’s better than ever, and is definitely not a one-hit wonder. This cover version is just pleasing to the ears. It’s definitely better than the original and was really meant for a girl to sing – a diva. It suits Leona’s impressive vocals and of course, her attitude. It’s not surprising to hear her sing this song effectively because it should be made for her not for Snow Patrol. Pure, ethereal and merely perfect this song might topple her previous single “Forgive Me” on the charts. Imagine, a day after her performance on Radio 1 the song was requested 8,000 times!! The falsettos were absolutely stunning and crafted in the right place. The piano was exceptional as well as the band. Lyrically, it’s just overwhelming and genius. It’s following the footsteps of Footprints in the Sand or even larger. The verse and the climax of the song – PERFECT. Overall, the song is impeccable and is surely Leona’s best (beating Bleeding Love, Better in Time, Forgive Me) for me.

You decide, is it right for Leona to release a single after just 2 weeks of her release of “Forgive Me”? One answer. HELL YEAH!!!

RELEASE: November 17, 2008 (Download), December 12, 2008 (CD Single)



VIDEO: (X-Factor 15.11.2008 performance)

*watch out for the review of her Deluxe Edition album sometime this week.



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2 responses to “Leona Lewis – Run

  1. F

    omg!shes totally amazing!luv her soooo much!her peformance in the x factor was brilliant!;P

  2. ken

    I agree! She’s so stunning!

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