Single OTW: Killers – Human


It’s no wonder why Brandon Flowers and his gang are one of the best rock bands of today. Their first album, “Hot Fuss” was a HUGE success followed up by their second album, which became at least very convincing “Sam’s Town”. They’ve given us pentrative anthems with their charming attitude despite their music is rock. The group is now on their way to another success as they are set to release their sparklin’ brand new album “Day & Age” and the lead single “HUMAN” is a sign of an absolutely commendable album.

“Human” is quite intriguing as Flower’s deliver in the lyrics “Are we Human, or are we Dancer” – wrong grammar ain’t it? But most of us thought that it was “Denser” or somehow, we thought “All dancers are Humans”. It’s full of synthesizers, astounding musicality and well crafted verses. It’s somehow close to being electropop but not really because it’s actually supposed to be rock. Brandon’s ever alluring but not big vocals are very convincing in the song. It’s also not close to the footsteps of “Mr. Brightside” as the Killers proved to extend their range in producing such amazing songs. Their brand new material proving to be addictive but yet to be rated until the release of their much anticipated album.

One thing, I wonder why this song isn’t doing well in the American charts? It’s currently peaked on the 30’s. I mean, What the heck? This song is much deserving of a #1 than T.I’s “Live Your Life” agree?? Tsk tsk…

RELEASE: September 30, 2008

RATING: starstarstarstar


1. Human



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4 responses to “Single OTW: Killers – Human

  1. Paul

    it is a great song – i love the whole thing. not a fan at all of the remixes. keep it in it’s pure version for me please. Spaceman is aces too. Hoping for a top 5 UK debut today!!

  2. ken

    re: PaulI definitely agree. I hate the remixes. I’m VERY much excited about the new album. Can’t wait.I’m guessing of a #3 or #4 for this one. T.I’s other song is quite going strong in midweek.

  3. Aaron

    It took me a while – But Now I’m loving the track – I can’t wait for the album…

  4. ken

    re: Aaronyeah. me too, the first time I heard the track I was like, nah. and then it started to become one of my favourites.

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