The Pussycat Dolls – I Hate This Part

The Pussycat Dolls were one of the HOTTEST female groups of all time. If I mean HOT – it’s not that they’re that GREAT it’s that they’re just plain sexy, oozing with charisma and of course, upbeat tracks that embedded them into the music world. Their first hit “Don’t Cha” was a world-wide phenomenon in 2005. It was followed by the smooth ballad “Stickwitu” which was also across the globe. “Buttons” was just okay but not as popular as Don’t Cha. Then they started to fade in the limelight. They’re back in 2008 with their sophomore album “Doll Domination” and their first single, “When I Grow Up” is one of the songs that received heavy airplay in our radios and as well, cracked the charts. Now, they’ve come up with another ballad “I Hate This Part” and it’s proving to be very emotional and it’s an intelligent choice for a second single. If you’re asking if it is worthy of any emulation? Absolutely, YES.

I Hate This Part is a tear-jerking, very emotional ballad that just reminds us of how great Nicole’s voice is. It opens with a piano sample then is later incorporated with an infectious stargate-ish sound. It’s definitely R&B and has a good lyrical composition. The track is packed with intense emotion as delivered by lead singer Nicole or does she has somebody with her singing? It looks like the song was just cut-off from Nicole’s unreleased LP. Like usual ballads, there’s always the biggest part of the song. It was a little bit painful to the ears because it’s like Nicole is screaming at the top of her lungs.The girls should have been given the chance to sing into the verses or the choruses especially Melody which has a great voice. We’re slowly getting tired of hearing Nicole almost all of their songs. Maybe it’s time for a change isn’t it? The end of the song was just brilliant as Nicole tearfully sings “I Hate This Part right here, I just can’t take these tears…” Overall, the song isn’t bad at all. It just lacks the exposure of the other dolls as they were like never head throughout the song. A bit disappointing, I might say.

RELEASE: November 1, 2008 (Australia) November 24, 2008 (UK), TBR (USA)


TRACK LIST (Australian CD Single):

  1. I Hate This Part
  2. I Hate This Part (Digital Dog Remix – Club Edit)




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2 responses to “The Pussycat Dolls – I Hate This Part

  1. Paul

    God they are all over UK tv at the moment with this, and every time they come on I say “ugh i hate this part” and switch over. It’s a thing me and the pussyflaptrolls do šŸ™‚

  2. Aaron

    I’m loving this – one of the standouts off the album.

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