Leona Lewis – Spirit: The Deluxe Edition


Her big voice have captured the world. Her single, “Bleeding Love” is the #1 single of late 2007 – early 2008. She already has sold almost 5 million albums. She already released 5 singles and she’s the most successful winner of any reality TV competition around the world. But, what’s up with this lady right now? Her single “Forgive Me” is doing well in the charts, and she’s released the Deluxe Edition of her album which contains all of her massive songs plus a cover song that the world’s talking about right now.
The album is just the same but has additional tracks from the US edition of her album which are “Misses Glass”, “Forgive Me” plus her cover of Snow Patrol’s “Run”. The non-deluxe edition of her album has sold almost 5 million across the globe but with this one, she’ll definitely sell some more.

“Misses Glass” and “Forgive Me” where recorded for the US album because her management wanted her to sound American because almost all of the songs in the UK edition of her album were ballads. In short, they wanted Leona’s music to be American music scene friendly. The North American edition of Leona’s CD has already gone platinum with 1 million + sales to date.

“Misses Glass” and “Forgive Me” showed how Leona’s voice can be versatile that she can sing songs that are quite out of her league. This is a sign of a true diva. Her voice just pierces through in our hearts and proven to one of the richest voices in the industry.

“Run” the bonus track proves to be very addictive and goose bump giving rendition. It’s just absolutely brilliant and worthy of heavy radio airplay.

The album also has a bonus DVD which contains her music videos and some behind the scenes.

Will this album receive another platinum certification for her? Is releasing a deluxe edition a good idea? Her new album is set for a 2009 release and we can’t wait for it.


RELEASED: November 17, 2008


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