Same Difference – We R One


We’ve seen Leona become a star, we’ve seen Leon fall behind everybody else and we can’t wait for Rhydian’s new material but what is up with the other runner-up on last year’s X-Factor? Same Difference may be the third placer last year but they’ve surely worked with tremendous effort to come up with their new material. Move over, Zanessa! The “British” version of HSM is finally here. Same Difference is ready to release their debut single, “We Are One” and if you’re a fan of HSM or Britannia High you’ll surely like this.

“We R One” is a good salvo for their upcoming debut album Pop which will be in stores December 2008. At first listen, you’ll probably ask yourself: “Is this part of the High School Musical 3 soundtrack?” Yeah, it’s a little bit HSM-ish but I’m pretty sure the brother-sister tandem of Sean and Sara Smith isn’t just for HSM left-overs. They’ve stepped up their level to produce a quirky, pop and inspiring anthem. It opens with a piano-infused dramatic intro sang by the duo. It’s definitely one of those songs that are packed with big smiles, extensively choreographed dance moves translated into music and of course, the spark;ing attitude done by the singers. The high notes were bearable, blending of the voices were impeccable. It’s proving to become a favourite for those who love happy, inspiring pop music for their daily doses. To sum it up, it’s kinda cheesy but it’s working for me.


RELEASED: November 22, 2008 (Ireland), November 23, 2008 (UK)


1. We R One
2. Like a Miracle



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