New Releases

Since there are some pretty good leaks surrounding the internet, I might as well post some (just for promotion). It’s a good thing that these releases are coming up but i’m eager to hear the original (if I will buy them).

  • One Republic is releasing another single from their debut album “Dreaming Out Loud” and they’ve teamed up with singer, Sara Bareilles. The title of the single is “Come Home” and it’s a sure fire hit. It’s a heavy ballad, full of emotions and definitely worth the buy. (pre-rating: 4 stars)
  • Britney Spears‘ new album, Circus have been leaked to the internet (but i’m not going to post it because I might get into some serious trouble for that). Check out for the review sometime in December. (pre-rating: 3 stars)
  • Beyonce’s mega hit “If I Were A Boy” has a remix featuring R-Kelly that surfaced the net.
  • One of my favourite bands of all time, The Fray is releasing a new single titled You Found Me. They performed the song at the recently concluded 2008 American Music Awards in LA. It is from their next album titled “The Fray” to be released in February of 2009. Watch out for a review next week.
  • Girls Aloud‘s next single will be “The Loving Kind” and it will be released in January of 2009.
  • Leona Lewis’ record management has officialy announced the release of her new single titled “Run” and it will now be available for download starting November 30 on iTunes. A CD single release date in the UK is still to be confirmed. The song is currently available along with the deluxe edition of her album “Spirit” which went straight to #1 in the albums chart this week.
  • Joss Stone has a new song that surfaced the internet titled “Governmentalist“. She sang this during one of the campaigns of Barack Obama. The song is going to be included in her fourth studio album. Release dates are still to be announced.

* well, i’ve finally started to write a review on the Killer’s new album. Wait for a review sometime this week. (Hopefully, if I don’t get lazy…)



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4 responses to “New Releases

  1. Jizzka

    zshare doesn’t work for me…😦

  2. ken

    okay jess! i’ll upload the RAPIDSHARE files right away.

  3. Jizzka

    yay! thanks!

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