P!nk – Sober

After producing the world-wide #1 “So What” which is a heavy pop rock anthem, P!nk releases her follow-up to her world-wide smash hit titled “Sober”. Sober is proving to become a rock ballad classic thanks to the hands of P!nk, Kara DioGuardi, Danja Hills. But can the song have much or same success portrayed by “So What”? I don’t think so.

P!nk’s explicitly crafted lyrics came into prominence when she started to write these songs with themes about her ranting loss about her failed marriage. It’s somehow a good thing but not entirely. “So What” is upbeat whilst “Sober” is a pop slash rock ballad. It definitely showed a softer side of P!nk but not that soft because she still displays her usual husky, rocky vocals. Lyrically, it’s okay like the typical sad song type we hear from the likes of Kelly Clarkson. The theme is somehow melancholic and it describes P!nk’s feelings in a post-party ranting. It’s not the usual P!nk we hear but the song proves more edgier, well-crafted verses and absolutely well produced music. At first listen, we might think that this song didn’t fit as P!nk’s second single but yet it’s a new grower and it just keeps on growing on our playlist everytime we hear it. Looks like P!nk’s impenetrable and very emotional singing really helps.

RATING: starstarstarstar

RELEASED: November 15, 2008 (AU), December 22, 2008 (UK), October 31, 2008 (iTunes US)


1. Sober
2. When We’re Through



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  1. Jizzka

    Aw, love sober, can’t stop listening to it!

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