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I’ve always wanted to write about this new album of The Killers but this is the only time I’ve got to do some. It’s been like 3 days since the release of their CD and I totally love it. I’m really not a fan of the Killers before but until I heard Human, I’m actually very much interested in their music. I bought their past 2 albums (with my money of course) and I love every single bit of it. Even though I’m really not a big fan of rock music, I’m starting to appreciate the beautiful musicality of it. You know, I’m experimenting different styles of music to have more listening experiences.

Okay, back to the album rant. I heard HUMAN and I was petrified then SPACEMAN came and I was amazed. I’m starting to be a long-term fan of the Killers. I can merely describe their absolutely fascinating music at the moment. But since, I have TO do this I’m going tJustify Fullo put my best shot. Please bear with me.

The album isn’t close to the musicality exerted by their previous studio album, Sam’s Town. They’ve done some experiments to elevate their musical knowledge and extend their style. These Las Vegas boys are surely stepping up of their game to produce an exquisitely brilliant mix of pop, rock incorporated with their album which is flattering and at most, stunning.

The opening, “Losing Touch” is an intelligent way to open a massive album with brass instrumentations appearing in the background of Brandon Flower’s vulnerable voice. It has a slightly not-so impressive chorus but the verses and the overall sound of the song didn’t place it on the not-so-good song list.

“Losing Touch” is then followed by the superb electronic mania of “Human” which results to a seemingly danceable anthem but yet didn’t sound too electro-pop. It’s efforts of pulling the halt on edgier beats in the album begins. The chorus is absolutely addictive and a proven hit. Honestly, the lyrics are quite mediocre but then it is overshadowed by the over-all package of the song. Thanks to the beat but not to Brandon Flower’s vocals.

Spaceman followed and as I pronounce this as one of the best tracks in the album. Then the album is followed by some highs and lows. Fillers in the album are quite evident as to be heard on Joy Ride, This Is Your Life, The World We Live in which are definitely just there to be on the album. “A Dustland Fairytale” opens as a squeaky clean ballad but then opens to a much bigger aspect with much improved lyrics, melody and it’s technicality is just plain outstanding. It sounded more heavy than the previous songs and more packed with such angst which isn’t that strong like we had felt in their previous albums.

Experimenting came into prominence in the part of the album in “I Can’t Say” as they somehow used instruments that they’ve never used before and sounded like some songs done Jack Johnson. It sounded very tropical for me. “Good night, Travel Well” is just a clear effort for a mighty save to the entire album. It’s fashionably explicit efforts in acquiring the much deserved acclaim is very evident. The bonus track, “ A Crippling Blow” is just a great way to end the album as it’s hyped atmosphere delivers from the sultry but not boring “Goodnight, Travel Well”.

Overall, I’m not really outrageous after hearing the album. I believe it’s their best yet but we don’t know if it’s their best until they release another LP. But I’m completely satisfied like a fat guy who ate about 5 pieces of big burgers but still not that so full. I know in some parts they need to improve but at least 80-90 percent of the album are definitely enjoyable and worthy of any emulation. All I can say now is that these guys have exceeded their boundaries in providing us with funky, sophisticated and revolving styles of music.

STAND OUT TRACKS: “Spaceman”, “I Can’t Say”, “A Crippling Blow”, “A Dustland Fairytale”


RELEASED: November 25, 2008 (US)


1. Losing Touch
2. Human
3. Spaceman
4. Joy Ride
5. A Dustland Fairytale
6. This Is Your Life
7. I Can’t Say
8. Neon Tiger
9. The World We Live In
10. Goodnight, Travel Well
11. A Crippling Blow (Bonus Track)


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