Same Difference – Pop


The new album of Same Difference has leaked.
Unfortunately. But somehow fortunate.

You have to listen to their version of HSM’s “Breaking Free”

PRE-RATING: starstarstarstar

Track listing:

01. We R One
02. Let Me Be The One
03. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
04. I Need A House
05. Breaking Free
06. If You Can’t Dance
07. Right Between Eyes
08. All The Roads Lead To Heaven
09. Better Love Me
10. Starts To Beat Again
11. Turn It Into Love
12. Still Amazed

RELEASE: December 1, 2008 (UK)

watch out for a review next week.



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2 responses to “Same Difference – Pop

  1. Anonymous

    This is a fantastic pop album ! Steps fans may like it and I Need A House, Still Amazed, Right Between The Eyes, the old Six tune and of course the first single are already personal favourites. Great blog too !

  2. Anonymous

    At times sarah sounds like a younger more talented version of madonna. There are no bad tracks on this album. They should be very proud.

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