Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce


Beyonce has been very vocal to her personal life – NOT! She has been very personal that she don’t want to talk being married to hubby Jay-Z. But the truth is, Beyonce’s personal life isn’t being translated into her music. I don’t know why she’s come up with such music that focuses on boy-girl relationship particularly the guy cheats and the girl is a sad piece of lass trying to move on by singing such songs that are peculiarly insulting the male race. What’s wrong Beyonce? Anyways, her music maybe about her personal life – maybe, we don’t know but one thing is assured. She’s fired up with hits and absolutely infectious anthems up on her sleeve.

The title “I Am… Sasha Fierce” is about her alter-ego “Sasha Fierce” which she describes as a more strong woman than herself. The deluxe edition CD’s came up with 2 separate CDs. The first disc, “I Am…” is all about the sad girl Beyonce wants to portray. It’s about singing heartaches, break-ups, publicly ridiculing the male race and of course, her maladies. While the second disc, “Sasha Fierce” is about this so-called alter-ego that she wants us to know. It’s about a girl singing about being happy to be single, being a diva and all that quirkiness and absolutely hyped persona.

Okay, let’s talk about the first disc, “I Am”. It’s all about the strong ballads that showed Beyonce’s drama-queen personality. Strong ballads like, “If I Were A Boy” which became an instantaneous hit. “Halo” which is a big, heavy ballad that ranks among the likes of Bleeding Love etc. “Disappear” which shows Beyonce’s soft and dreamy voice. “Broken-hearted Girl”, which after I heard it I said “really?” I thought it was supposed to be about her right? Why is she ranting about a girl which had a broken heart all the while, she’s happily married isn’t she? “Ave Maria” is just okay and then we had “Hello” which Beyonce sang the infamous lines “You had me at hello…” which is seemingly somehow she’s rapping in the verses and not a remarkable song in the album.

“Sasha Fierce” comes next and it’s a record full of upbeat, danceable anthems that showed Beyonce’s fierce attitude in performing. She’s singing with conviction, chic, elegantly choreographed dance moves and it just translates into music. It’s funky, kinky and full of girly beats and uplifting melodies. “Sweet Dreams”, which is originally titled “Beautiful Nightmare” is a sure-fire hit and a potential single. “Ego” was a classic for me. It’s eloquently crafted melody and exquisite lyrics is one of the remarkable ones in the album. “Scared of Lonely” is a statement tha Beyonce is singing better than ever.

The album is quite a treat but it is lacking powerful lyrics, penetrable melodies and of course, originality. Somehow, it’s a paradox to say that the album isn’t great but it is actually. Beyonce’s singing exceptionally and shows her true potential of becoming one of the most respected female artists of her generation. She’s smart enough to put up with this production idea separating her split personality and translating it into a record is just phenomenal.


November 12, 2008

STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Ego”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Broken Hearted Girl”


sorry, for the late post.
forgive me for the redundancy of some lines.


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