The Fray – You Found Me

Okay. One word. “Brilliant”.

I first heard this song last week on the 2008 American Music Awards. I was actually eating my breakfast when I was watching this (It’s morning when the AMAs were broadcasted here LIVE.) When I saw Isaac’s face appearing on TV, I immediately ran off to watch him. Haha. After that, I fell in love with the song. I’m currently facing like the same situation on the song and I can relate to it. Enough of the drama. Business is business.

So, this is their follow-up after like a year and a half from their massive album, single “How To Save A Life”. Since then, they tried to release new material but it didn’t work as much as “HTSAL” did. Fortunately, they finally got a hold of brand a brand new single up from their upcoming LP to be released sometime in February 2009. “You Found Me” is somehow similar to the melody of “Look After You” with the ever soothing and convincing vocals of Isaac Slade. The good thing about the song from what were hearing is that they still stick with their element that bought them to recognition. Still, it is incorporated with lots of strings, massive amounts of guitars and these sad theme about being lost and having broken down by your problems in life. It is a hit and a sneak peak from a great album The Fray has to offer the second time around.

Chart wise, the song is currently doing good in the US charts peaking at #15 recently. How will it go in the UK, AUS charts? I’m pretty sure, this might be a top 10 or top 20 hit. A sure possible #1. Who knows?


RELEASE: November 21, 2008 (U.S.), November 24, 2008 (Europe), November 23, 2008 (Australia), November 24, 2008 (UK)

TRACK LISTING (Digital Download):

1. You Found Me


*review will be modified on the date of the release of the video and CD single.


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One response to “The Fray – You Found Me

  1. Jizzka

    absolutely agree! love their new single, I really hope they stick to what they do best. I loved every song in htsal.

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