Britney Spears – Circus (Video)

The new music video for Britney Spear’s new single, “Circus”.


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3 responses to “Britney Spears – Circus (Video)

  1. tricia

    oi kimi! bakit wala ako sa “best of the best” mo??? epal ka tlaga! ilagsy mo ko dun!

  2. Jizzka

    ^ hahahaha!I’m really impressed by this vid, way better song than that ridiculous womanizer. Extra love for the elephants! Kudos to Britney Spears for getting her act back, hope she doesn’t lose it again. I actually believe that Spears is smarter than she appears to be, I think she’s just trying so hard to dumb down and give the people what they expect that she loses grasp of her prerogatives (no pun intended, haha).Are you going to review her album? You better!

  3. ken

    Jizzka:i totally agree. She’s back and she’s great. I hope she continues this because there’s so much expectations for her so she better step it up. Yep, I’m on the works of making a review of her album. Watch out.

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