Rihanna – Rehab (Review)

Rihanna’s rise to fame over the past 2 years has been tremendous. With only one album, she has already released 7 singles and produced 4 top 1 hits “Umbrella”, “Don’t Stop The Music”, “Take A Bow”, “Disturbia”. Her alluring R&B vocals have been dominant in almost every radio stations through out the world. It’s a predicament that Rihanna is becoming one of the very successful female artists of her generation achieving success with almost every part of the globe. She’s ready to release single #8 and it’s the last from her album. With a collaboration with Justin, Rihanna definitely deserves a long break.

“Rehab” is a song co-written by Justin Timberlake for Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad album which was released last year. It was supposedly the 7th single in the UK while Disturbia is released in the US. Since Disturbia has been receiving much attention, the release of Rehab has been pushed back.

After releasing the so-called “Thriller of 2008” Rihanna’s “Disturbia” features a much darker side of her. Now with “Rehab” it’s also dark and incorporated with much emotion as much as she has sung with “Take A Bow”. It’s a dark ballad and it’s proving to be a radio hit. “Rehab” incorporates heavy instrumentations, which sounded a bit like Justin’s “What Goes Around, Comes Around”. Rihanna sings with so much passion to the soulful yet piercing lyrics “It’s like a checked in a rehab ’cause baby your my disease”. The song is one of my favourite cuts from the album and I’m quite disappointed that this was released late than I expected. It’s almost tiring to hear Rihanna so she should have a hiatus after this. She’s been very much around lately, don’t you think?

RATING: starstarstarstar

RELEASE: October 7, 2008


1. Rehab



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