Britney Spears – Circus (Album)

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Since I’m pretty much occupied with a lot of things right now, I’ll make this short. Justify Full
It’s good to see our favourite celebrity Britney Spears getting her act together. Finally! After suffering from excessive media attention over the past 2 years, Britney is back with album number 6. She’s not the usual BRITNEY BITCH attitude we used to know. She’s back with the blonde hair, well toned body and of course, smashing new music. It’s an understatement to say that Britney is the new “Queen of Pop”. She’s in the limelight again for the nth time and this time, we can definitely somehow agree to the new statement.

It’s quite an irony to say that this album is really a pull-off album as I would normally describe her past album, “Blackout”. This time, Britney worked a little bit not to extensive in terms of production, song writing the album. She only worked with a minimal amount of time and it didn’t much give our usual expectations about Britney’s music.

Womanizer, the opener is quite a delight but is quite lacking that lyrical greatness. Its lyrics were quite stupid, yet I would say grammatically absurd. Despite this, it is one of the notable tracks in the album. Next is “Circus” which was probably the best track in the album. She’s still working hard and it is quite evident that she still got this quality of a young superstar. At 28, she’s one hot momma! The lyrics were quite eccentric and self-cantered quote “All eyes on me, in the centre of a ring it’s like a circus”. Infectious and lyrically outstanding, its visual translation is effective and with the elephants in the video, it’s surging its way to #1.

Britney also showed her softer side in the tear jerking “Out from Under” which she sings about her recovery from her previous miserable life that happened from the past. “Blur” which has been described as a hang-over song is pretty laughable. It seems like she wrote this song after waking up from a late night party or something which is quite hilarious to say the least. “My Baby” is somehow a recycle of her song “Someday”. However, “Kill The Lights” kind of describes Britney as the “Queen of Pop”. It’s infectious, one of those tracks compared to “Piece of Me” with a playful and much artistic melody draping the whole song. For some reason, I always seem to think that “Shattered Glass” is “KILL THE LIGHTS” part II. “If You Seek Amy” is somehow following the footsteps of Pink’s “So What” in terms of melody with a hint of pop rock, it’s proving to be a grower.

In spite of hearing those ballads, Britney still has her naughty side and is quite clear in the titles of her next songs “Mmm Papi” and “Lace and Leather” which is quite denoting some sexuality. “Mmm Papi” is just irritating as it could be with Britney’s moaning and all those stuff which shows her like a gold digger with uber non-sense lyrics “I’m mammi, and it makes you pappi and it makes us lovy” as she sings. “Lace and Leather” seems like ranting about Britney’s fetish for lace and leather and is an electropop stomper. Another electropop filler “Unusual You” is close to being boring and showing her disinterest in singing the song.

To say the truth, it’s a good album for a comeback but not as astounding as we heard from “Blackout”. It lacks the powerful dance pop anthems which was evident in her previous offering. From the dance stompers as “Circus”, “Kill the Lights” offered to those ballads that somehow fit in the album “Out of Under”, “Blur”. These tracks are good enough for a great comeback and a new life from the once troubled, bloated, irritating pop star that just shows her flaws every time we see her on tv. It’s efforts are enough to pull off another world #1 album.

RELEASED: December 2, 2008

RATING: starstarstar

STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Circus”, “Kill The Lights”, “Out from Under*”

* thanks for the correction of the track title. much appreciation.



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2 responses to “Britney Spears – Circus (Album)

  1. Paul

    i almost wish i did like this album – i did at first but then got sick of the media hype and when listening to it with all that hype flying around it clouded my judgement and it only now seems mediocre 😦 i may leave it a month or so and then try getting back into it. I still love Womaniser though!

  2. terencej0951

    Out From Under not Out of under.Go,britney!

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