Jessica Mauboy – "Burn"

She’s Australia’s hottest girl right now and she’s cracking up the charts with her powerful, classy R&B vocals. Her debut album “Been Waiting” is out now and her single “Running Back” almost made it to the top of the ARIA charts. Now she’s ready to release single #2 “Burn” from her debut album and it’s proving her to be another R&B star.

“Burn” is simply a delightable treat from her album. It’s upbeat, with the usual super R&B power vocals that shines throughout the song. It’s packed with angst, delicious dance floor filler beats. It has this certain quality for a big dance song. Too bad, Lady GaGa’s dominating Australia right now. Hopefully, this R&B princess of Australia can conquer the world soon with her impenetrable oozing vocals. She might be the next Beyonce for all we know.

*watch out for the review of her debut album “Been Waiting” in stores (AU) now!


RELEASED: November 17, 2008


1. “Burn” (Hansen, Jackson, Jeberg) – 2:54
2. “Runnin'” (Anthony Egizii, Jessica Mauboy, David Musumeci) – 3:39
3. “Burn” [Nufirm Remix] (Hansen, Jackson, Jeberg) – 4:41
4. “Burn” [Pop Embassy Remix] (Hansen, Jackson, Jeberg) – 4:13



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