Hey guys, I finally got a hold on posting! Whew! It was 4 days of hell but actually I have 4 subjects left. I’m happy because I have this break. I’ll be posting some reviews for the peace of my mind.

The year is almost about to end!! 2008 has been an amazing year for all of us. New music, lots of comebacks and of course, new artists emerging to the limelight. In line with the end of the year countdowns, I’m going to post my top 20 songs of the year, top 20 albums of the year and the top 20 artists of the year. (December 20, 2008).

Who will be my ARTIST of the YEAR?

What will be my SONG of the YEAR?

What will be my ALBUM of the YEAR?

* the answers to those questions would have to wait until next week. I’m going to deliberate starting tomorrow. So wait for that.



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2 responses to “Update

  1. Paul

    oh i love year end lists 🙂 Good luck in the rest of your exams!

  2. ken

    re: Paulthanks for all the concerns.Yeah. I love them too.Are you going to make one?

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