TBR Year-End: 20 Best Albums of 2008

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since I have nothing to do right now. I got excited about this year-end trend that’s been going on music blogs. I’m eager to deliberate the albums that put a mark on my memory (at least). Anyways here are my top 20 picks. Feel free to comment whether is the album on the right position or not.

1. Girls Aloud – “Out of Control”
The best album of the year and it comes from the best girl group. They’re back with more pop and infectious beats with a much more enhanced pop singing style.

2. Duffy – “Rock ferry”
It’s the debut album of the Welsh up and coming superstar. It’s full of soul and definitely one of the best voices of her generation. It may seem too old but definitely fits my taste.

3. MGMT – “Oracular Spectacular”
Most innovative, artful and I have to say worthy of a Grammy too bad they didn’t sell that much in their home country. Instead, they rocked the Australian and British music scene with their hit single “Electric Feel”.

4. Various Artists – “Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
The best motion picture soundtrack of the year. The best compilation of the right songs for the right movie. “Supermassive Black Hole” is indeed one of my best songs this year and it opened me for a lot of artists to explore and like including, Iron & Wine, The Blue Foundation, MuteMath and more. Addictive and spine tingling.

5. The Saturdays – “Chasing Lights”
I am totally proud of these girls. I just don’t know why. It’s great to see them shine in such a surprising way that they’ve released an amazing debut album. I actually thought that they will outshine GA but of course, they didn’t. It’s just amazing to see that these girls have been named as the HOTTEST UK GIRL GROUP. Too bad, there are still improvements they need to polish before they can match GA’s success. But I definitely think that it’ll not be too long for that.

6. The Ting Tings – “We Started Nothing”
These Salford, UK based duo have come a long way. From indie they went on to mainstream to produce infectious, danceable and impressive tracks. “That’s Not My Name”, “Shut Up and Let Me Go” are two of the best tracks this year.

7. Adele – “19”
This album has to be on your lists. It’s full of soul, heartbreak moments and of course showcasing Adele’s ever brilliant, amazing and much emotional voice. She maybe criticised because of her song writing ability, yet she delivers them with breeze and such power that pulled her to have 4 Grammy Nominations.

8. Beyonce – “I Am… Sasha Fierce”
Although it lacked the originality of most of the songs, it still has this feeling that whenever you hear Beyonce sing in one of the songs in her album you think that she’s singing at her best. She’s singing better than ever and it’s a delight for her fans that loved her powerful, R&B vocals. It has personality but yet it lacks something that is unexplainable.

9. Gabriella Cilmi – “Lessons To Be Learned”
At 17, we compare her to Amy Winehouse because of her old-fashioned, big soulful voice but yet we might disengage her from Amy because this Sweet girl has more to offer. Her album is phenomenal with much efforted lyrics from Xenomania. It’s no wonder she has the most ARIA gongs this year, even defeating Kylie Minogue in the Best Female Artist category.

10. The Script – “The Script”
This is one of the most impressive debut albums to come up this year. Stepping up from their U2 inspired music yet packed with a little bit of originality infusing R&B into Alternative, rock music.

11. Oasis – “Dig Out Your Soul”
It’s One of the best comeback albums this year. Even Noel Gallagher’s tactless opinions aren’t affecting this group’s massive impact on Rock music. They’ve lamented themselves into becoming one of the best rock band of this era.

12. Leon Jackson – “Right Now”
Even though we consider him as the British Michael Buble, this X-Factor winner has a lot more to offer. At 19, he released his debut album peaking at #4 in the UK albums chart. The cover versions are outstanding and yet the originals are still commendable. It’s full of strings, jazzy and yet showcased Leon’s charming, alluring and powerful vocals.

13. P!nk – “Funhouse”
Even though almost all of the album themed of P!nk’s writing about her failed marriage, it never failed to deliver in terms of musicality. P!nk’s raspy vocals penetrated every song that gave much conviction to her well-crafted lyrics. Anyways, she’s the only successful female artist in her pop / rock category ain’t it?

14. Britney Spears – “Circus”
Well, we all know that Britney’s back and again, she proved that she can put her act back again. Her efforts are well executed with this album. Although there are unflattering moments in the album, it is enough to prove her worth of the so-called self proclaimed “Queen of Pop” title.

15. Jack Johnson – “Sleep Through The Static”
I’m a big fan now of Jack Johnson. Thanks to my blockmate. I love the acoustic thing that’s going on with his music. Definitely worth of a #1 US, UK album and he’s just pure amazing. I highly recommend this album for those finding some mellow, yet enjoyable not boring music.

16. Lenka – “Lenka”
I first heard this girl on an Ugly Betty TV ad I watched on YouTube. Her single “The Show” is one of the best this year (I just never had the chance to put down a review). Her folky yet heavenly voice is just charming and alluring. She’s just lovable in any way. You definitely have to check this one out! Her fame is yet to come!

17. Snow Patrol – “A Hundred Million Suns”
I totally loved their previous album released in 2006. This release is a little bit awkward for me. I guess it lacked the same quality songs that pulled Snow Patrol to the demanding world of popular music. I’ve expected so much from the new album and unfortunately, it didn’t meet my standards as I would expect them to. Anyways, there are still enjoyable moments in the album but not as the same calibre that “Eyes Open” delivered.

18. OneRepublic – “Dreaming out Loud”
I know this has been released last December 2007. It has been a great year for these guys producing massive hits such as “Apologise”, “Stop and Stare” and “Say (All I Need). Their edgy rock album and outstanding lyrical compositions are stunning and recommendable with the help of Ryan Tedder’s soothing, classy yet vulnerable vocals.

19. Jessica Mauboy – “Been Waiting”
I have to agree to many fans that she should’ve won Australian Idol back in 2006. I just love her classic voice. I can agree to critics that her voice isn’t that special but there is something with Jessica that everyone fell in love with. It’s her charm, yet she has this powerful classic R&B vocals that pierces through with emotion and such conviction when she delivers her songs.

20. Coldplay – “Viva La Vida”
I don’t know what to say. I was astonished when I first heard the album. Massive, extravagant and genious.

Just outside the top 20:

Take That – “The Circus”
Alesha Dixon – “The Alesha Show”
Madonna – “Hard Candy”
Panic at the Disco – “Pretty.Odd”
Kooks – “Konk”
James Morrison – “Songs For You, Truths For Me”



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3 responses to “TBR Year-End: 20 Best Albums of 2008

  1. Aaron

    Great List!!! I Really must get my butt into gear and get mine down!

  2. ken

    Thanks. Yeah, you should make your own list too. That would be awesum.

  3. Jizzka

    girls aloud is uno! no surprise there, their album is awesome. love your list! totally agree with pink being the only successful rock singer.

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