Alexandra Burke – Hallelujah

It’s not doubt that Alexandra is definitely the right winner of this years’ X Factor. She might be the next Leona for all we know and definitely 100% more selling than Leon Jackson. I might have started an online protest if the hideous Eoghan Quigg won the competition. JLS did awesome but I don’t think the UK needs a new boy band right now. Maybe some other time.

Many have been talking about the X Factor finalists singing this song because it’s a classic and its a ballad for Christ’s sake! It didn’t follow the previous X Factor finale songs such as “When You Believe” and “A Moment Like This”. It’s a much more effortless performance because you don’t have to exert much voice just to sing this song greatly. Fortunately, Alexandra’s controlled, effortless vocals 100% suits the song and she delivered it quite well. I’m so glad that Eoghan’s version was kept because I’m predicting it would be double or triple ghastly than ever.

It’s no wonder why Alexandra’s version became the fastest selling download in Europe after selling 100,000+ copies last Sunday and it’s definitely poised to topple Leona Lewis at the Christmas #1 slot. And before I forget, I have to commend Cheryl’s win on the X Factor. It ain’t bad for a newbie to have her act won right? Her sobbing finally paid off.

NOTE: If Diana won the competition, it would have been the BEST song ever for me. I agree on a review that stated that the song is supposed to be meant for Diana Vickers. Too bad, her loss is my biggest regret in the history of X Factor disappointments. Second to that is Laura White’s shocking elimination caused by the ear-wax filled ears of the three judges (except Cheryl).


RELEASED: December 14, 2008 (Download), December 17, 2008 (CD Single)





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3 responses to “Alexandra Burke – Hallelujah

  1. Paul

    I think i like Alexandra, though she is a bit too similar to Leona for me. Still she does a decent reading of the song and of course it will sell by the bucket load. It’s what she does after that will count. But the UK definitely needs a new boyband and I am quite happy for JLS to fill that void – we are in boyband hell right now with pretty much no contenders. I think that’s why the guys did so well in the competition!!

  2. Nikki

    I agree with Paul, I’m afraid that they’ll turn Alexandra into another Leona when she can do something Leona hasn’t really emphasized on, the uptempo/performance side of it. If Simon doesn’t play that up, there’ll be trouble from me! haha..Yeah, and whether we like it or not, I’m pretty sure Louis is gonna be managing JLS and we all know how that turned out for Westlife. Let’s say in a year and a half or so from now, after going through Louis Walsh’s ‘boot camp’, JLS will hit number one. haha, just a prediction!

  3. ken

    re: Paul and NikkiYeah. I agree that she might be a Leona protege. She’s amazing and I think she can do better. Like what you said, Alexandra can sing upbeat tempo songs but still can sing ballads exceptionally. JLS, yeah I think it’s not time for JLS to shine but I’m pretty sure they’ll get a career out of their talent. It’s good to see a new boy band with a much bigger potential. They’ll do great in time.

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