Mariah Carey – I Stay In Love (Review)

It’s a big mistake that Mariah’s image had badly gone changing in the past decade. Her previous image seemed to work better with almost all of her singles reaching #1 or either top 10. Her amazing vocals are still evident but it seemed that Mariah has been struggling to put up another #1 hit after “Touch My Body”. Now she’s releasing a new single “I Stay In Love” and it’s proving to be a “We Belong Together” part II.

It’s surprisingly a semi-ballad with still the predictable arrangement. She enters singing low notes and is off to singing the highest notes that we could get out of her lungs. She’s still amazing-vocally but the success isn’t much around. Even though it may sound like “We Belong Together”, Mariah is just having some rough time producing hit after hit after her sole top 10 hit from her E=MC2 album. I guess Simon’s analysis on the Mariah image is a little bit correct. It’s still packed with emotion, Mariah’s penetrative five-octave vocals piercing at least some parts of the song.

RATING: starstarstar

RELEASED: December 16, 2008 (US), January 5, 2009 (UK)


  1. “I Stay in Love” (Main version) – 3:32
  2. “I Stay in Love” (Instrumental) – 3:30

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