The Saturdays – Issues (Review)

This girl group proved to be the hottest girl group in the UK right now, second to Girls Aloud of course. They’ve produced two top 10 hits which seems enough for them to have the eponym. They’re pretty much in a good course in having a long term career in the music industry as long as we’re not over girl bands. Now, the british girl group is ready to release single #3 and it’s proving a nice offering to start the year.

“Issues” is surprisingly a ballad which is only one of those included in their debut album “Chasing Lights”. It’s infectious not to the point it’s venereal. There’s nothing that amazing to describe the song. It’s actually going to be one of those girl-group type ballads we’ve heard from the past. The good thing is, it comes from these girls which have early cemented themselves into becoming of the most sought after acts of the next year. Lyrically, it’s actually well-written. They sing of little bit of bitterness and confusion whether they’ll slap or kiss a guy. It’s of course, still about break-ups which is actually tiring to hear. Anyways, as I’ve mentioned before this song is definitely one of the nicest offerings to come up with the start of 2009. It’s a nice shift for this girls after producing two infectious and upbeat anthems.

RATING: starstarstarhalf-star

RELEASED: January 5, 2009


1. Issues
2. Beggin’ (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Cover)




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2 responses to “The Saturdays – Issues (Review)

  1. Paul

    i think this release will be key to their continued success – if this doesn’t go top ten, then there may be some head scratching and pontificating at the record company!! lets hope not, they are perfectly decent as a girl group 🙂

  2. ken

    I agree. They’re pretty much on their momentum so If this fails it would be cataclysmic for me.

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