TBR Year-End: 20 Songs of 2008

1. Leona Lewis – “Run”
Luckily, I first heard this song about the end of 2007 when Leona did this cover on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge last year. I wasn’t sure about this song when I first heard it. I knew it was a Snow Patrol cover but I didn’t get the chance to listen to it. Then I saw that the song will be included in Leona’s re-release of Spirit. I heard it once more and I fell in love with it. I don’t know why but this song just gives me the chill.

2. Beyonce – “Single Ladies”
Surprisingly, when I first reviewed this song I was like it’s just a silly “Get Me Bodied #2” and then after of course, getting into the hype of Beyonce’s fame I was shocked to see myself actually inlove with this song. Queen B’s inhuman dancing skills just freaked the shite out of me. It’s irresistible in many ways. Yeah, why won’t you be proud of being single? Put a shiny ring on it.

3. Leona Lewis – “Better in Time”
It’s not surprising to see another Leona in the top 20. I just can’t seem to get over with this lass. She’s just amazing and I can’t seem to put words to describe how much I adore her. This song has one of the best messages in it and I’m happy to see her having success from being a pizza girl.

4. Duffy – “Mercy”
Yeah, yeah. I’ve played this song on my iTunes a LOT since I first heard it way back in February of 2008. She’s one of the hottest female singers of today deviating from the others who are just making themselves in the charts with the usual high-range vocals. Yet she delivers this dancy, soul anthem that’s just infectious.

5. Kaiser Chiefs – “Never Miss A Beat”
I never had the chance to make the review about this song because when I heard it, the song was released at least a month already. It’s upbeat and nonsense lyrics actually captivated my senses. I love how they performed this song. It’s just infectious with no reason.

6. Adele – “Chasing Pavements”
It’s one of the songs that moved me. I loved it unreservedly. Adele’s soulful vocals just pierced through my heart.

7. The Ting Tings – “Shut Up and Let Me Go”
Thanks to an iPod advert, their music went mainstream. Their electro-pop, slash rock and dance vibe just paid off. It’s a nice offering packed with infectious lyrics and melody.

8. Girls Aloud – “Untouchable”
Honestly, I didn’t actually like this song when I first heard it. Thanks to my mate jizzka, after a few listens I immediately got hooked on it. It’s effortless pop sound incorporated with the girl’s impeccable vocals are perfectly blended together.

9. Muse – “Supermassive Black Hole”
Yeah yeah. I loved it because of Twilight. I had the soundtrack and it’s my favourite track. A nice pop rock anthem suited for the movie. It has the certain angst that I liked with supernova lyrics such as “I’m your supermassive black hole”.

10. The Script – “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”
The U2 inspired music of this Irish trio just caught my attention. Their well-crafted lyrics with much suited melody is just impressing as it would be. Thanks to Danny O’Donaghue’s raspy but charming vocals, I’m a fan.

11. Lady GaGa – “Just Dance”
Her music has been described as the “future of pop” and I would somehow agree to that understatement. This danceable infectious tune earned a #11 spot for me because I loved how the song was constructed in a way that it wasn’t too trying hard. She definitely has the potential of becoming an international superstar.

12. Gabriella Cilmi – “Save The Lies”
Even though it didn’t do any good in the pop charts in the UK and Australia, I totally love this song. It has this certain quality, maybe because it’s upbeat filled with Gabriella’s rich yet mature vocals. She’s one of the best singers of her age and I love love love her music. I’m buying her CD this December.

13. The Killers – “Spaceman”
It’s football-arena “oohhs” are just what I liked in this song. Of course, I was caught up by the hype of The Killer’s comeback album which isn’t as much as I would expect it to be. Anyways, even though the album isn’t on my top 20 list this year, I’m still trying to make the album a grower on me.
14. Oasis – “The Shock of Lightning”
I’m pretty much in love with the speedy hype theme of the song. As the song title implied, it sounded like it was in a hurry. Even said so, I loved it so much that I had to play it more times as I would expect I would play it. One of the songs I genuinely loved in the album.

15. The Virgins – “Rich Girls”
Thanks to Gossip Girl and to my mate Jizzka, I was able to get hold this New York indie-ish band. It’s somehow retro beat charmed my meticulous taste. It’s danceable to the point that it could be played in major clubs in the metro. It has this certain disco-ball atmosphere clouding in.

16. MGMT – “Time To Pretend”
Again, Gossip Girl had influenced some of my music this year. They’re artsy music which sounded like a college-experiment gone good is quite impressive.

17. Katy Perry – “I Kissed A Girl”
Of course, everybody loved being kissed by Katy Perry, don’t we? Yeah, I’m all caught up with this controversial song that made me actually like it. The lesbian image worked for Katy and as well as the guys who just love to see girl-to-girl action which is quite weird.

18. Coldplay – “Viva La Vida”
Ruling the world isn’t much a good idea for Chris Martin. I would say they did rule somewhere else, the music charts. For a certain week or two the group had dominated the UK and US charts with their single “Viva La Vida”, take note of their platinum selling album. They’re singing of cavalry choirs and being a little bit tyrant in some point.

19. Estelle featuring Kanye West – “American Boy”
R&B isn’t for Americans only, now the Brits are enjoying a somehow equal success with this latest import. Estelle is proving of her soul, much efforted vocals singing of how she loves the American boys. It’s charming enough to be infectious and to be on my list.

20. The Ting Tings – “That’s Not My Name”
The lyrics are quite stupid but I loved their dance-funk style. It’s close enough for them to be one of the best acts this year. Yeah, she can’t sing so what?


The Killers – “Human”
Beyonce – “Halo”
The Saturdays – “If This Is Love”
Girls Aloud – “Love Is The Key”
Lenka – “The Show”
Lenka – “Knock Knock”
Gabriella Cilmi – “Sweet About Me”
Adele – “Hometown Glory”
MGMT – “Kids”
The Kooks – “Do You Wanna”
Rihanna – “Disturbia”
Ne-Yo – “Mad”
Alexandra Burke – “Hallelujah”
Coldplay – “Lost”
Katy Perry – “Hot ‘N Cold”
The Pussycat Dolls – “When i Grow Up”
Britney Spears -“Circus”
MuteMath – “Spotlight”
Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire”
James Morrison – “You Make it Real”
Hilary Duff – “Holiday”
The Script – “Breakeven”



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7 responses to “TBR Year-End: 20 Songs of 2008

  1. Paul

    good list of songs. it seems that viva la vida is on everyone’s lists and i have belatedly fallen in love with it. Great number one choice – it just misses out on being the festive number one on my personal chart but is still ahead of Hallelujah… i look forward to another year of the beat review 🙂

  2. ken

    re: Paulthanks for the unbiased comment. yeah, probably I’ll be more hardworking in posting stuff here. It’s been quite a year for music. Great comebacks, not-so great comebacks and should’nt come backs. Yeah, i’m looking forward to your blog too. can’t wait for next year. :))

  3. J.Mensah

    yay! excellent #1!

  4. Anonymous

    wtf? Why is leona on top? i agree on the beyonce though

  5. Aaron

    Great List! – I’m loving THe Man Who can’t be moved!

  6. Adem With An E

    Some great songs on there!

  7. Yuяi

    Excellent list! Lots of Leona and Girls Aloud…good stuff!

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