Should THE SATURDAYS be really scared of these girls?

I’m not sure if they’d really be scared of these girls. The new “girl group” had yet to be given a name. But something tells me, they’d be a copycat of GA or some sort. Have your say? Are they good enough for The Saturdays?

The song title is “When The Stars Go Blue”. Fortunately, I loved their performance.



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2 responses to “Should THE SATURDAYS be really scared of these girls?

  1. Nikki

    As much as I love Jodi and Kian and Louis and the song, it’s too Louis Walsh.We don’t have to like the song, it’ll just get to number one. No questions asked!We don’t even have to listen to it, it’ll go to number one anyway!Look at Westlife(as much as I love them, and adore them and want to meet them and scream at them..), a lot of people hate their stuff but they’re still number one.It’s Louis Walsh. He’s behind you you’re guaranteed a number one single. Simple as that.

  2. Ken

    Hmm, I kinda disagree on this one. I dunno, maybe they’re just still you know, unknown in certain ways. I believe they’ll probably be a decent girl band or so but not much success as Girls Aloud had. I guess, the UK is in need of a new BOY BAND right now. NOT a GIRL BAND. peace!

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