Girls Aloud – The Loving Kind (Review)

These girls have a lot of things to be proud of. First, their latest LP reached #1 in the UK Albums Charts. Second, their first single off that album also reached #1 in the UK Singles Charts. Third, one member Cheryl got her act win on the 2008 series of the X Factor. Fourth, they’re ready to release another possible #1 “The Loving Kind” that is.

If their single “Call The Shots” was one of your best songs in your playlist last year, then you’ll maybe like this one also. It’s actually similar to their 2007 hit but not really in some ways. These girls are back to singing absolutely stunning ballads. “The Loving Kind” arises from the collaboration by Pet Shop Boys and Xenomania. The result? – AMAZING. It’s a power semi-ballad imbued with the perfect vocals, instruments and melody. It’s somehow a New Year’s treat for all of us perfect with their best video yet. There’s nothing negative about this song even DigitalSpy gave it a 5/5 rating- which we rarely see on the site. Truly, these girls can’t be stopped from producing such megahits. It’s radio-friendly, iPod favourite, and of course suitable for all ages. I guess, the two month break might be too long for some of us. Ain’t it?

RATING: starstarstarstarstar

RELEASED: January 12, 2009


1. The Loving Kind (Single Mix)
2. Memory of You
3. Girls on 45 Megamix

click HERE to watch the video.



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3 responses to “Girls Aloud – The Loving Kind (Review)

  1. Paul

    i do really like Loving Kind a lot, but same as whereas Call The Shots was not my fave song on their last album, this isn’t my fave OOC track. I adore The Promise, and Untouchable is amazing. This is a fave though and i hope it reenters the UK top 40 this week!

  2. Yuяi

    Great review! Sure to be another #1 from <>Out of Control<>! The Girls are <>on fire<> with the new material.

  3. Ken

    I totally love this track. Thanks for the comment.s

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